Writing a Thesis Statement in 5 Simple Steps – Full Guide with Good Thesis Argument Examples

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Steps for writing a thesis statement

We bet you’ve more than once wondered how to write a strong thesis statement. When you get to work, a myriad of questions pop out from the veil of the unknown. What is the purpose of thesis statement? What should a thesis statement include? How to make a good thesis statement? Let’s break down those important aspects now!  

What is the thesis statement? ✔️

To put it bluntly, it is the sentence that contains the subject matter of an essay and the unique arguments supporting it. It is the central point of your paper placed at the beginning of the essay introduction. Here all words are meaningful, so you need to carefully pick the words and make the sentence clear. It is the heart of your paper by the beating of which the essay lives. 

As you know, we never get a second chance to make a first impression. The same goes for essays and statements you write. They create the first impression which determines the attitude toward your entire paper. Consequently, it influences the grade you will get. 

Understanding the Purpose of a Thesis Statement 💫

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How to write a good thesis argument?...

To succeed in creating a good paper one should carefully write a thesis since it will become the core component of the paper composition. It is crucial to make a strong position straightforward and precise, otherwise, readers won’t catch your idea and you will fail in the ultimate goal. 

What is the purpose of thesis statement? ✔️

A thesis serves to guide readers throughout the entire paper. It gives them the idea of a problem you will touch upon and arguments you are going to expand on in the essay. Apart from this, this strong position draws readers’ attention to the problem described and makes the essay logical and structured. 

What is the role of a thesis argument in an essay? ✔️

The thesis determines the purpose and the structure of the paper. When writing a statement, you, first and foremost, make a decision. You decide what you are going to write about and what arguments will be the most appropriate to the topic chosen. And already secondarily, you deliver your decision to readers conveying to them the impetus of your thoughts. 

How can a good thesis argument improve your writing? ✔️

When it comes to writing a good thesis statement, it is important to understand what mistakes you can make without even knowing it. to As you already understood, the thesis is a compulsory part of each piece of academic writing which should be written properly. The best way to understand how a strong position will improve your writing is to study bad examples. 

Trees produce oxygen. Too broad, no research problem, no unique arguments, no adequate focus.

A strong position should stand on reasonable research issues and be backed up with unique arguments. There is no place for ecumenical truths, try to define the problematic issue and provide its unique solution or at least explanation. Furthermore, the statement should be engaging and informative. 

Sports are important for all students. No adequate arguments, no precise information, general issues. 

This statement fails to achieve its goal. It is too general and does not relate to a particular school or college or even the reasons why sports are important in our life. Try to be more specific and connect your string position with something particular. 

Excessive use of technology is bad for our health. Too broad, no explanation, no adequate arguments. 

Once again, the statement lacks argumentation and is too broad. It does not present the technologies the author references or the way they influence health. A thesis should present a clear stance and unique argumentation based on personal thoughts.

Types of Thesis Statements

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Trying to catch the prof’s attention!

As you know, there are different types of essays. Each of them has specific requirements for writing statements. Here are the types of theses with samples divided according to the essay type you are to write. 

✍🏻 Argumentative. The purpose of argumentative essays is to convince readers with a strong position and logical reasoning. Hence, statements for argumentative essays should be strong.
Ex: The use of cell phones should be prohibited by law because it increases the risk of accidents on roads. 

🎨 Descriptive. Such essays describe an object that has sentimental value, shifting focus toward sensory details. It is important to emphasize the emotional background of the subject matter you are going to speak about.
Ex: The majestic Niagara Falls are inimitable, with their breathtaking cascades illuminated in the night. 

📕Expository. Unlike descriptive essays, expository ones show your knowledge of the topic. Also, you need to clearly provide the information.
Ex: Multiple studies carried out at Boston University show the correlation between improved well-being and physical exercises done regularly. 

🙋‍♂️Persuasive. As follows from the essay type, a persuasive statement should reason readers with your ideas. Here you need to encourage readers to follow your opinion.
Ex: Local governments should enforce the law of mandatory vaccination in order to protect public health and prevent the spread of preventable diseases.  

🗣️Narrative. Here you need to write about your personal experience. Present it in a compelling narrative and try to use creative language.
Ex: My first trip to China opened for me the veil over Asian countries with the beauty of their nature and the incompatibility of culture. 

🤓Critical Analysis Essay. It implies a deep understanding of some piece of literature, performance, or movie. A good statement for such essays should involve some feature of the subject analyzed and its explanation.
Ex: The use of imagery in the novel Bleak House written by Charles Dickens enhances the description of London weather, people’s feelings, and vague bureaucracy in Great Britain of the 19th century.

Steps on How to Write a Thesis Statement 

Five steps to follow
A step-by-step guide to write a thesis argument

Step 1: Understand your topic 📖

How to start a thesis? All things are difficult before they are easy. The best way to start an essay argument (and actually the only one) is to understand your topic – what are you going to write about? As soon as you have identified the subject matter for your essay, start information retrieving. Thus, it will be easier for you to formulate a topical question and find an answer to it. 

Step 2: Formulate your main argument or perspective ✍🏻

As soon as you have decided on the subject matter and the main idea of your essay, back it up with strong argumentation. Before rushing to the search bar, outline the possible arguments you can provide. They should be concise and highly illustrative. Search for facts and data that will help you to prove your point later to make your ideas unique and adequate.

Step 3: Write a preliminary statement 🖊️

So, you have a disputable issue backed up with some arguments – it’s high time to write a preliminary statement. Don’t be afraid to make mistakes, it is only the rough version of your strong position. Even if it seems to be too long, you will refine it later. 

Step 4: Refine your statement ✨

Carefully reread your preliminary statement from the point of third parties. What would you think of this sentence if it were not yours? Highlight weak points of your writing and think of ways to improve it.

Step 5: Finalize your thesis 🎯

Finally, eliminate the profound vulnerabilities of your writing and read it once again. Mind the academic writing style but do not make it excessive or repellent. Remember, that your writing should be gripping and informative as well. Read the statement once again and proceed to an essay. 

Tips for Writing Thesis Statements  

How to improve a thesis? Don’t worry, we have it all covered – here are some tips on writing a thesis argument of excellent quality: 

  • Brainstorming is an effective method for searching for ideas. Look outside the academic realm and draw inspiration from other spheres of your life. 
  • Try to present the problem in the frame of current events. It will make your essay stand on the front burner.
  • Challenge conventional writing style. Come up with new ways of structuring the thesis that will 100% grab readers’ attention.
  • Make sure your strong position is debatable, otherwise, you won’t make any impact.
  • Be concise. You are not writing a novel; write up to 2 sentences, no more.
  • Try to sound convincing. Your task is to assure readers of your point of view, so state your opinion assertively. 
  • Stick to a professional writing style. Thus, your ideas and argumentation will be taken seriously. 
  • Support your opinion with evidence from your paper. Reinforce your objectives with specific examples.
  • Preserve logic in your statement. The structure of the strong position should correlate with the structure of an essay. 
  • Use the correct formatting. It is especially essential when submitting assignments at colleges and universities. 

Examples of Good Thesis Statements

We understand that writing a thesis statement off the cuff is a challenging task. That’s why we provide you with several examples with an explanation of what is good about these templates. By studying these templates you can learn how to compose your personal one.  

✔️ Example #1 – Alcohol consumption

Alcohol overindulgence produces harmful effects on health among which are heart diseases, weight gain, and liver complications. 

This example stands out for absolute clarity, and simplicity of language amplified by proper terms. It contains specific reasons for alcohol consumption to be detrimental. Please, note that there is no necessity for a strong position to include all the arguments you provide in the essay. Mention only the most important ones. 

✔️Example #2 – Benefits of the Internet

The Internet has become a notional integrator connecting people across the globe, delivering new opportunities, and fostering the exchange of ideas. 

This example focuses only on three advantages of using the Internet, while the Internet hosts a myriad of benefits. Though the subject matter is broad, the argumentation provided is specific and unique. 

How to learn from these examples?

Carefully read examples written by professionals. Mark strong positions of the statements and think of how you can apply them in your writing. Pay attention to the lexis used, different speech patterns, and the way authors structure their introductions. The final point is to proofread your variant and edit by changing common lexis with expressive vocabulary. 

Conclusion 🤩

The importance of a thesis argument cannot be undermined. It is the hub of your essay which gives the impetus of your thoughts and outlines the structure of the next passages. Develop essential topics which are interesting both to you and your readers. Always ask yourself: ‘Why should people read my paper?’, ‘Does it make any impact?’, ‘What information can I give readers?’. And don’t forget to analyze statement examples – it will help you to improve your writing style.  

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