Tutors Terms of Service


To become a tutor at Eduboard, you are required to complete the following steps:

1) Register a tutor account at Eduboard.com;

2) Confirm your email by following the confirmation link sent to your email;

3) Fill out an Application form, attach you resume and scans of your diplomas or any other proof of your proficiency (transcripts, certificates, licenses, etc);

4) Complete an English test by following the test link sent to your email

5) Pass a phone number verification and have a short interview with an Eduboard HR representative

It may take an Eduboard HR representative up to 3 business days to review your profile and contact you for a short interview. As soon as you are interviewed, you will receive an email stating whether your application has been approved or declined.

If your application is approved, you can log into your account at Eduboard and start applying for orders.

Please note that we give a phone call to successful candidates only. If your application is substandard or incomplete and/or you have a low English test score, your application will be declined without a phone number verification.

Also, mind that only candidates who are in their senior year of college or have already graduated from an accredited US or Canadian University can apply for a tutoring position with Eduboard.


• A tutor at Eduboard must follow the rules and guidelines lined in the Terms of Use section.

• Any tutor is required to use good language when communicating with a student (no grammar, spelling or punctuation mistakes are acceptable).

• A tutor’s profile is to contain only true, accurate and complete information (any violation of this requirement will result in such profile being removed immediately).

• We hire tutors who can confirm the validity of their claimed qualifications and expertise. On their own initiative, tutors can call upon a third party verification service to verify their academic credentials.

• A tutor should apply for an order only when their experience, knowledge and skills are sufficient for helping with tasks and concepts described in the order description.

• A tutor can cancel their apply for an order only before it is paid for. Once the order is paid for, the tutor cannot abandon completing it.

• No plagiarism in orders delivered is tolerated at Eduboard (a level of similarity shown at CopyScape must be less than 10%).


1. Tutors are not allowed to send answers to students neither via messages nor in reasons to apply for orders unless they are approved to work on the order by the student.

2. Tutors cannot use Eduboard to contact students to meet in person. Tutors may not provide tutoring to students contacted at Eduboard outside of the Eduboard website.

3. Messaging between a student and a tutor prior to tutor’s acceptance is allowed only for clarification purposes and negotiating the price.

4. Eduboard tutors are not allowed to share their personal and contact details with the student.

5. Eduboard tutors must not advertise for other educational resources or provide links to these resources to students either in their profile or during personal interaction.

6. Tutors cannot advertise or mention, implicitly or explicitly, any third party educational resources in the work experience information section. Because online educational resources do not provide official employment to its tutors and are not regulated by the employment legislation, these cannot be considered previous workplaces.

7. Eduboard.com does not appoint tutors to students. We provide information on the new orders to all tutors on a common basis, unless a student specifically requests for a particular tutor to work on the order. Each student chooses the tutor themselves based on their needs and budget.

8. Tutors who try to solicit students to hire them by telling incorrect, inaccurate or false information about their “privileged status” at Eduboard will receive an email warning and, should it happen again, can have their accounts discarded.

9. Tutors who violate any of the above mentioned rules can be fined and/or have their tutor account deleted in accordance with fines and penalties set in the Fines section.


Eduboard tutors are required to show up for every online tutoring session at least 1 minute before it is scheduled to start and wait for the student to come. If the student is late, the tutor is not allowed to leave the classroom till the end of the scheduled session time.

If a tutor applies for an order and is approved by the student, he or she must be able to meet the deadlines for completing the order. Tutors who fail to complete orders on time, will be fined in accordance with the Fines section of these Terms.


Eduboard doesn’t not reserve the right to determine whether cheating is intended when placing orders or not. That’s why all tutors are encouraged to be guided by their personal considerations when deciding whether to apply for orders or not in case the student is suspected in cheating.



The payment for the order appears on the tutor's Eduboard balance only after they have successfully delivered the session or sent the answer to the student and ticked the Solved checkbox.

*The student can dispute the order within 14 days and if the dispute is approved, the money will be deducted from the tutor's balance and refunded to the student.


Eduboard charges 20% as a commission. Once the order is completed, a tutor will have only 80% of the price set for the order transferred to their Eduboard tutor account.

*Please note that when applying for orders, tutors can see the actual amount of money they will receive.


1. Eduboard tutors are paid once a month. All payments are carried through PayPal within the first week of each month.

2. The required minimum balance for monthly payout is $10. If a tutor has less than $10 on their Eduboard balance, this amount is automatically included into the next month's payout. Note that small PayPal fees may apply. For more information regarding fees, please contact PayPal.


Tutors at Eduboard are self-employed and responsible for reporting their income and paying all taxes.


1) Sharing contact details with the student – outstanding balance is frozen, account is banned.

2) Inaccurate or untrue information in the tutor's profile – outstanding balance is frozen, account is banned.

Such information can include:

• A subject the tutor is not qualified or certified to teach;

• Educational background;

• GPA;

• The country of residence;

• Invalid or fake diploma or degree;

• Invalid or inaccurate information on the tutor's resume.

3) Missing the deadline:

In case the student doesn't want to pursue with the order anymore, the order can be cancelled (the full payment will be refunded to the student) and the tutor will be fined 20% of the order price.

In case the student chooses to pursue with the order, the tutor will be fined proportionally to the amount of minutes expired and the price set for the order.

4) Ignoring student's messages and Support Team inquiries:

• Invalid phone number - $10;

• Missed call - $1 (for every call);

• Email remains unanswered for more than 30 minutes while the deadline for the order expires in less than 4 hours or the order is in dispute - $1 (for every email).

5) Plagiarism:

In case the student doesn't want to pursue with the order anymore, the order can be cancelled (the payment will be refunded to the student in full) and the tutor will be fined 20% of the order price.

In case the student chooses to pursue with the order and the tutor removes all the plagiarized or copied parts from the order, the tutor will be fined 30% of the order price.

6) Abandoning the order:

If the tutor abandons the paid order without any solid reasons, they are fined 50% of the order price.

7) Abandoning the order:

Eduboard reserves the right to fine tutors for violations not limited to Tutors Terms of Service. Any actions that are harmful to Eduboard students, service or staff can lead to additional fines and/or account termination.


All tutors' online activities at Eduboard should adhere to our Standards. We are constantly reviewing all tutoring activities (messages, files, tutoring sessions, profiles, etc.). We pay proper attention to the tutor selection process. If, for some reason, your online activities or behaviors do not correspond to our standards of quality or professional integrity, we reserve the right to decline your application informing you about our decision through email.

If the violation that took place is of minor nature and can be corrected, we provide an option for reconsideration. In such cases, Tutor Quality Assurance Department will send you a letter stating the issue that should be corrected and you will have 2 weeks to make necessary changes and ask for reconsideration. We will review your profile and comments and approve or decline the application.


All tutors whose applications were declined or who had their profiles banned have a chance to re-apply.

If the issue was the level of tutor's language proficiency (poor English grammar, speaking skills, spelling or punctuation mistakes), such tutor can re-apply in 6 months. We believe that it is hardly possible to decently improve your skills in a shorter timeframe.

Tutors whose profiles were declined due to the insufficient knowledge and tutoring skills in the subject field will be allowed to re-apply in 1 year.

Tutors who violated our Terms of Use and standards of quality and professional integrity cannot re-apply.

Account Termination

Eduboard fully reserves the right to terminate tutor accounts without any prior notice in case a tutor is suspected of inadequate behavior, attitude or website activity that can ruin Eduboard's reputation and/or endanger our high standards of excellent customer service. The decision of account termination cannot be questioned or reconsidered. If a tutor account is terminated, all the money on their Eduboard balance, despite of the amount, is transferred to the tutor's PayPal account within the next payout period (the first week of every month).

Eduboard may terminate your account in accordance with the Terms of Use if you fail to follow our Standards and Rules.

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