Tutors Selection Process with Eduboard.com

Providing high-quality tutoring assistance and expert homework help is our topnotch priority! The best way we can guarantee that is by carefully selecting our tutors and making sure their qualifications, expertise, professional and personal qualities meet our high standards.

All Eduboard tutors are professionals in their fields of knowledge and have years of teaching and tutoring experience to prove it! Before they come to work for us, all candidates must undergo a serious and thorough screening that includes background and academic qualifications check, tests over the material they want to tutor and a series of one-on-one interviews with our managers. We also designed a special English test to assess tutors’ proficiency in the language.

Here is what our tutor selection process looks like:

Step 1: Tutors fill in the Application Form on our Site where they tell us about themselves and provide the copies of their academic certificates to prove their education level and experience.

Step 2: We send all candidates a link to the English test they need to pass if they want to tutor with us. The test is specifically designed to assess a person’s English speaking and grammar skills. We need to be sure our tutors can easily understand and communicate with students both in a written form and via voice chat.

Step 3: During a series of one-on-one interviews with our managers, a candidate’s tech skills are further tested. We do this because we want to see how comfortable a person is with working in our interactive online classroom. We need to make sure he or she will not get confused when explaining the material to the student using our Whiteboard technology.

We are now offering a 10-minute free whiteboard trial to all our students and tutors so that they can see what to expect during the real session and can try their hand in using various Whiteboard tools.

Step 4: Depending on the tutor’s qualifications and their experience, we may sometimes ask them to take a subject-specific test, to prove that they are really experts in the material they want to tutor. We only do this, if we want to make sure a tutor is prepared to work with AP-level or college students.

Step 5: If the tutor’s qualifications, expertise and their level of the English language fully meet our requirements, we approve their Application and help create an account with Eduboard.com. Only now, the tutor can start taking orders from our students.

We will never consider applications from tutors who:

  1. Cannot prove their academic qualifications or experience.
  2. Cannot speak or write English fluently.
  3. Have insufficient knowledge or skills in the subject(s) they want to tutor (for example, feel challenged when asked to deal with an AP-level assignment).
  4. Not tech-savvy enough or find it difficult to fully utilize the Eduboard technology.

We take the selection process very seriously but we never stop at that. From the moment the tutor starts to work at Eduboard, his work is carefully monitored and analyzed to make sure students always get the help they hope for!

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