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Who will write an essay for me? Please do not spend your precious time worrying, as we have clear answers to that question. Here are the essay writers who can turn you into a well-esteemed researcher.
Darien Sharp



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Business management and analytics

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“My studying does not entirely focus on economics, but I must complete these assignments. I wish I did not have to do economics homework. Darien is a savior for me, so I’m glad he is always here. Thanks!”
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Tyreese Snyder



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3002Finished orders


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“So, history is that interesting, huh? I got more information from my essay than from lectures. And it was nice to read the essay. So accurate, logical, literate, wisely written... I love it, and I’m grateful for your help.”
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Mary Sweeney



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2931Finished orders


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“Mary’s paper writing help is amazing. She is never late, even when I ask her for two papers a day. I recommend her for biology assignments. Thank you, Mary!”
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Jareth Hughes



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712Finished orders


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“I got very brief and concise literature reviews! The papers were cheap, but I did not find any mistakes. Thank you very much! I can recommend Mr. Hughes. He deserves five stars!”
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Joan Walls



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Best Competences:

1832Finished orders


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“Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU! Every time I get another nasty PR assignment, I know you will save me from that atrocity of homework.”
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Help Me Write an Essay: Cheap and Professional Academic Writing

In today’s world, students experience incredible stress due to the increase in academic workload. Often, even the most diligent students simply do not physically manage to cope with the number of assignments required by the teaching staff. In a hurry, students are trying to find an inexpensive academic writing service where they can get cheap help writing an essay.

Eduboard very often becomes the first and only solution that students resort to. It maintains a unique and stable balance between quality, price, and speed. The team is ready to take on the most complex and urgent tasks, guaranteeing a good result. If you are willing to pay for essay papers, choose reliable and trustworthy sites.

We are ready to help both applicants who are taking their first steps towards entering a dream university, and specialists who are writing a dissertation. We employ not just specialists with academic writing skills, but professionals with a degree (usually two), teaching experience in higher education institutions, and an accumulated academic background. Therefore, there are no tasks that would not be possible for us!

Why Us

If you need help to write an essay, let us assist you. With more than ten years of experience in the academic writing industry, we have enough skills that distinguish us from other services. We want your choice to be informed when it comes to ordering an essay.


There is no doubt that quality is the very first indicator of how reliable a company is. Quality is not only about writing but also about the proofreading department and the support team. Only when all elements of the company work in harmony, the student gets the result that they expect. On our site, we maintain the highest standards of performance. By what parameters do we evaluate the quality of your essay?

  • Compliance with your recommendations. Who can write my essay for me? When you place your order, one of the conditions is to provide requirements, recommendations, and instructions. The writer you have chosen never writes an essay based on their beliefs. Absolutely all wishes are taken into account, up to mimicking your style of writing.
  • No plagiarism. Everything is simple here. Our company policy uses the One Strike rule. If the author used ready-made essays in their task, they quit, despite their experience. Thus, our writers create all essays from scratch. Before you have the opportunity to check your essay, it goes through a rigorous check for plagiarism. Upon request, we also send an anti-plagiarism report.
  • No AI tools. We do not use any artificial tools to generate texts. This is against our ethics. However, in order to reduce the probability of using Chat GPT, we check the text for the absence of generated text. This check is obligatory.
  • Purity of language. Thanks to the careful selection of authors, all essays produced are distinguished by a high level of performance. The article is proofread several times not only by the writer but also by qualified proofreaders and editors.

Timely execution

An overdue deadline is every student’s worst nightmare. Our writers take on even the most urgent and voluminous assignments. If you have lost track of time, we are ready to write an essay for you in three hours. At the same time, the price aspect is as transparent as possible. The price for urgent assignments is higher but does not exceed the available price range. We do not delay assignments and find a suitable writer as quickly as possible.

Affordable prices

Price is the determining factor for every client. Having an idea of our audience and its needs, we have set the most affordable prices for our services. Our pricing starts at $10 for writing, $6 for proofreading, and $15 for calculations. We form our prices taking into account several important factors:

  • market prices;
  • financial capabilities of the target audience;
  • the length of a paper;
  • urgency;
  • the level of a student’s education.

If you want to pay for someone to write your essay, Eduboard is a real treasure. 

The best specialists

Do you have experts who can write an essay for me? When we hire new writers, we conduct a complex multi-stage selection process. Potential writers who meet the following three requirements are allowed to this test:

  • Master’s or Ph.D. degree
  • 3+ years of academic writing
  • confirmation of the academic background from official educational authorities

If the writer was able to provide evidence of compliance with these requirements, then screening begins. All writers take a unique English proficiency test. This applies to both ENL authors and ESL applicants for the position. Then the writers must complete an order that is close to real conditions (compliance with the deadline, adhering to high-quality standards, no plagiarism, etc.). 

Subject to a successful result, the author must endure a 3-month probationary period. In our opinion, this is the optimal time when you can find out how well the author is performing orders. And only after the writer gets into our team.

Not only writers are rigorously tested, but also our editors and proofreaders. No matter how paradoxical it may be, the requirements for essay improvers are much higher. One of the requirements is a philological or linguistics education. A clear advantage would be the presence of another education other than linguistics. The editors and proofreaders are native English speakers. We are ready and skilled to write essay for you in accordance with the given requirements.

Communication with a writer

All our authors are very open and flexible people. Your writer will be happy to keep you updated on the progress of your essay. In this case, all communications take place in a private chat. You can also make additions and new requirements. If the changes you want to add were significant, this will slightly increase the cost of the order. It is high-quality communication that allows the student to receive an essay that fully meets their expectations.

Revision period

In the academic writing industry, people work with people, so excluding a human factor would be unprofessional. Although we keep the best quality standards, errors and typos may happen. Depending on your services’ set, we always offer a revision period when students can check their papers for any slips. We never ask for extra fees to polish your paper and bring it to perfection.

Make an Essay for Me: Types of Essay You Can Order

Essays are a huge category of academic writing practice that encompasses many different written tasks aiming at different goals. Our writing essays service covers 40+ writing assignments. Let us guide you on what types of essays you can get from us. First of all, all essays can be divided into two big subgroups: application papers and college papers. 

Application essays

When you enroll in university, you should prepare a package of admission and application letters. All of them have their specifics but their overall goal is to get you a place and demonstrate your potential. Every college has its own acceptance rules and when writing your application paper your helper takes into account all the requirements you specify.

  • Scholarship Letter

The purpose of this paper is to show you as the best candidate for funding. We often work with scholarship letters, since for the vast majority of students, funding is often the only way to get into a dream university. We will be able to describe your strengths in the best way possible.

  • Statement of Purpose (SOP)

If you are applying to a US university, you will most likely have to write a SOP. In this letter, you should describe your professional interests, your aspirations that you can realize by studying at the university of your choice, your goals, and your contribution to the development of the university. This is quite a serious work since it depends on its quality, depth, and goal-setting whether you enter college or not.

  • Personal Statement 

A personal statement is the most popular admission paper that all applicants encounter. That is why it is difficult to create a powerful personal statement that will take the lead. Thanks to many years of experience in this field, we have learned to avoid repetition and make each paper unique. 

In this letter, you should describe your interests and academic achievements. Demonstrate that you are interested in studying at this particular university and in the program you have chosen.

  • College Cover Letter

Not all universities require a cover letter, but in about half of the cases, students write it along with the curriculum vitae, which we will talk about later. This letter has several goals at once: to draw attention to your candidacy, to give a detailed description of your academic and work experience, and to give a clear picture of yourself as a student and researcher.

  • Curriculum Vitae (CV)

You have probably heard that a CV is a mandatory document when applying for a job. However, universities often request this paper from students who are about to get a master’s or Ph.D. In this paper, you indicate and describe your educational and research background. It is extremely important to find the sample and requirements from the university you are applying to. Remember that formatting is a must-follow.

College papers

The next category of essays is university assignments. These are practical tasks that students perform during training. It is impossible to describe all types since essays will differ depending on the direction of study. You can select the most common papers that are present on all training tracks:

  • research papers
  • PowerPoint Presentations
  • term papers
  • MBA essays
  • reports
  • speeches
  • dissertation help
  • exam notes

If our list of services does not contain the essay you require, do not hesitate to contact our support service. We will select for you the most suitable writer who will perfectly cope with your task.

Our Team: Get Your Essay Written for You

We do not require you to take our word for it if you want to pay to have your paper written. Therefore, we decided to tell you in more detail who is working on your order and how complex and thorough the process your paper goes through before you give it to your professor for evaluation.

Our customer

You did not expect to see yourself on the list of our team members but a browser request “I need help writing my essay” is yours. This is our unique approach. The author will never write a personalized essay if they do not have enough requirements. Your role in the writing process is to give the helper as much detail and comment as possible if you want a 100% match to your request.

Writing experts

When the author has provided all the requirements, we select a writer who has the necessary skills and relevant education. What is the advantage of our authors? Of course, this is an interest in your impeccable result. We managed to combine professionalism with a sincere desire to do our job well. 

“I need an essay written for me” and “Can someone write my essay for me” are the most frequent messages we get every day. Our team now has more than 300 authors from completely different fields of knowledge. However, there is something that unites our writers: it is 3+ years of writing experience, and often even a teaching background.

Editors & proofreaders

Very often, the work of editors and proofreaders is underestimated in the writing community. However, thanks to these experts, all our essays take on a finished look. When the writer finishes crafting your essay, our proofreaders get to work. They polish the paper, correct errors, make comments, and suggest improvements. 

Each of our editors and proofreaders has over 5 years of editorial and writing experience. When a project requires a writer from the Top category, our editors can take on the task thanks to their vast experience in the academic writing industry.

Support representatives

The support team is really unique people with strategic management and logistics skills. Every minute, they receive messages from you: from “I need help writing an essay” to “Please help me write my essay”. When you place an order, it goes into the distribution system.

Our operators will find a writer for you who can cope with the requirements specified in the order. Our reps have developed a good eye because it is very valuable and important to understand what kind of helper is ready to take on an order and guarantee an excellent result.

Eduboard Service: I Need Someone to Write My Essay for Me

Every year, universities increase the burden on students as competition grows. Now students compete not only with each other but also with artificial intelligence. The requirements are getting harder. We exist to free you from at least some of those tasks that are not of professional interest to you. 

The ability to delegate tasks to professionals saves your mental health and frees up time to develop in the area that you are really interested in. When you pay for writing essay it is absolutely ok to be assisted by professionals and you do not have to worry that someone will find out that you use help essay writing from us. Take care of your path to academic success!


Buy Essay Online for Cheap Anonymously
Who said your writer would ask your name when you want cheap essay writing services? Essay writers for hire do not demand your details, as they want to avoid putting your information at stake and do not need it to write an assignment for you. Hence, hire someone to write a paper remaining incognito. Using our help writing essay papers, you automatically ensure no one even knows you have clicked a professional paper writing service!