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5 Online RN Programs For Successful Medical Career

Becoming a registered nurse (RN) is a responsible decision. The path to developing flawless skills to help people with health issues is difficult and long. No wonder there is a strong demand for professionals in this field. Gladly, we live in an era that allows us swift communication and training. Today you can get specialization in areas like hospice and emergency care, pediatrics, and so on by attending RN courses online. And earning an RN degree online won’t mean that you are less valuable as a professional! Moreover, online studying has its advantages.

How Online RN Programs Are Advantageous for You

No extra expenses

If you are a virtual student, you don’t have to live on campus and pay for its maintenance.

You won’t have to change your place of residence at all. Also, you won’t need to go anywhere by public transport which is only good (especially in a pandemic). If you have a car, you won’t need to pay for parking and gas.

Comfort during classes

Studying virtually from home is more pleasant than sitting in a plain lecture hall. Moreover, you can have enough time on breaks to eat, and be comfier overall.

Convenience in any case

Even if you’re taking a trip or you are traveling somewhere, you can continue getting your degree. And you can combine remote work with studying because you don’t waste time on transferring.

Opportunity to become self-disciplined

When you are an online student, you have to teach yourself responsibility even in a comfortable atmosphere. At first, it will be hard but when you get used to it there will be nothing to stop you from efficient work anytime.

You will still get real practice

You will have to go to the campus a couple of times for skill checks. But it won’t be an everyday necessity. Moreover, occasional testing yourself “on the battlefield” will help you understand what progress you’ve made.

What You Need To Become A Part Of An RN Program

It doesn't even make sense to grovel that basic education is compulsory here. You need a high school diploma for any program of this level. Additionally, you’ll have to sit exams. There are different tests every school requires. And don’t forget resumes, recommendation letters, and so on. Some schools might ask you to meet them online for an interview. During the interview, you’ll give essential facts on your background experience and preparation.

Colleges With The Best Online RN Programs

North Central Missouri College

Location: Trenton
Approximate net price: $8131
These courses will allow you to earn an associate degree in nursing in 9 months. Of course, you need to have a general education to get this degree. You’ll have to sit a TEAS entrance exam and also submit the proof of having unencumbered licensure with IV certification. These courses aim to make their students professional in adult nursing. Also, students learn pharmacology, also mental nursing, and leadership in all this.
You will have to go to the campus 2-3 times for tests and work in a special lab. Overall, graduates of these courses often get the highest scores.

Allegany College of Maryland

Location: Cumberland
Approximate net price: $9509
Another good option with which you’ll learn everything about nursing and get needed practices in 4 semesters. You can then successfully use those skills in real work as a college or a school nurse or a part of hospital staff. In many ways, this program focuses on geriatric care but not only that.
They will certify you a nursing assistant distinction after you finish the first semester. After this program, you can sit the National Council Licensure Examination which is your key to becoming an RN. And this doesn’t mean you’ll always have to be on this level! This program allows students to go further and earn a bachelor’s degree.

Minnesota West Community and Technical College

Location: Granite Falls
Approximate net price: $10068
After finishing those courses, you will get an Associate of Science Nursing Degree. Again, here you get knowledge on all the principles of professional nursing. This option will be the best for those who want to help in family-centered care.
Even though those courses are remote, students still have to take a lot of trips to hospitals for direct practice. But students can submit coursework and some other papers online.

Northwest Technical College

Location: Bemidji
Approximate net price: $11348
To become a part of this program you must pass the TEAS with at least 64 points or higher. Again, there are tons of requirements but making yourself fit them will open up a huge number of opportunities for you.
There are courses on maternal-newborn nursing, psychosocial nursing, etc. Also, students study bioethical issues and have a lot of real practice. Thus, as in any other case, you’ll have to visit the campus sometimes.

Excelsior College

Location: Albany
Approximate net price: —
This is a great choice for adult learners who need to work or every other case of non-traditional education. Alongside standard nursing subjects, this program also focuses on health differences of every age. Other significant subjects are reproductive health, and the essentials of nursing safety.

Organizations That Help RN Students

Gladly, some institutions assist RN students on their way to a successful nursing career. With their assistance, future professionals can find their way to become a part of the workforce. Students get some resources for their development, find alternative studying opportunities, etc.

If you don’t know who to turn to, then consider:

Organization Founded Their assistance
ANA Enterprise
(American Nursing Association)
  • extra educational opportunities;
  • publications on medical topics in professional journals
  • career center
Sigma 1922
  • supports research on nursing
  • networking opportunities
  • advice on career building
  • extra coaching for RN students
(National Student Nurses’ Association)
  • skills promotion
  • extra data you might need in your educational process
  • career center
  • career planning assistance

Scholarships RN Students Can Get

If you think there is no way to get a scholarship being an online student, check out the table below!

Scholarship Payout Conditions of application
Geraldine "Polly" Bednash Scholarship $5.000 You can apply only if you have an average of 3.2-grade points. Also, you must prove you are getting a baccalaureate or higher degree in an institution from the AACN list. This option works only for students with good academic standing.
AfterCollege-AACN Scholarship $2.500 every quarter Works only for students enrolled (acceptance won't suffice) in an institution from the AACN list.
AACN Scholarship $2.500 twice yearly Again, available for students of AACN schools only.

You can check if your school is part of AACN right now. In any case, other organizations can help future nurses cover some expenses during studying. It all depends on your academic performance, sometimes on family history or other things.

In Conclusion

There are multiple opportunities to become a professional RN and build a successful medical career. Sure thing, it requires tons of effort even when you get your degree remotely. Moreover, no program can make you an RN without asking you to come to the campus at least 2 times.

You’ll still have to sit tests and attend to the real practice. Understandably, medical education is no fun overall. Yet, there are ways to get help from narrowly-focused organizations. And don’t forget about scholarships and grants!

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