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Benjamin Johnson

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Benjamin Johnson

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About me
I am currently a PhD student at the Colorado School of Mines in Operations Research with Engineering with a minor in Nuclear Engineering. I have had extensive course work in math, science, engineering, and business.
Tutoring Service Description
I am excited to help you further your educational pursuits!
Target students
College Students
High School Students

Students who are motivated to learn!
Teaching philosophy
I will challenge students by offering clues to find the correct answer. These will depend on the level of the student and will not become hard enough to provoke frustration but will be hard enough to allow for educational growth.
Short biography
My wife and I just had a new daughter! Hadassah Fawn Johnson. She is adorable!!!!!

As an engineering student at a prestigious university, I have all of the usual skills: a strong work ethic, a solid conceptual base, the ability to perform detailed and complex calculations, and the desire to continually improve and overcome challenges. However, I also have excellent communication skills; whether writing a memo or giving an oral presentation, I am able to convey the pertinent information in a desired style (concise, extended, detailed, creative, etc.). This combination of skills will allow me to make meaningful contributions to your education.
work experience
2013 - 2014
US Army and Colorado School of Mines
Data Analyst
2012 - 2012
Colorado School of Mines
Teaching Assitant
2008 - 2011
Colorado School of Mines
Student Recreation Supervisor
2013 - 2014
Colorado School of Mines
PhD: Operations Research with Engineering
2011 - 2012
Colorado School of Mines
MS: Engineering and Technology Management
2007 - 2011
Colorado School of Mines
BS: Chemical and Biochemical Engineering
time zone
04 Dec, 2021 07:10
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