Online Calculus Tutoring To Help You Boost Your Confidence And Math Skills

Mathematics, rightly viewed, possesses not only truth, but supreme beauty; a beauty cold and austere, like that of sculpture.- Bertrand Russell

If you hate calculus so much that it makes you feel sick to even think about it, you urgently need help! A knowledgeable and patient tutor will quickly effectively help you get back on track, break down challenging concepts into things you can understand and equip you with study skills that are necessary to succeed academically.

Such tutor can also become your personal homework helper and test prep assistant. Just make sure he or she has qualifications and experience to provide calculus tutoring help to students of your age and skill level.

Why Is It Difficult to Study Calculus?

Most students find calculus very difficult. One of the reasons why it is so hard is because they lack solid understanding about the subject’s nature. Some students genuinely believe calculus to be the quintessence of mathematical knowledge preceded by detailed study of algebra, geometry, trigonometry etc. The truth is, however, that calculus marks the beginning of a totally new branch of mathematics and acts as a gateway to different areas of the engineering, physical and social sciences.

Within the course of calculus, students are expected to develop a new approach to problem solving, learn new ways of mathematical thinking and equip themselves with a set of tools for dealing with math problems. In learning calculus students rely heavily on their knowledge of algebra, geometry and trig concepts.

The good news is that when learning calculus, students are not expected to go deep into its topics but rather get better understanding of the many techniques and methods that exist within the discipline.

Why Learn Calculus?

Learning calculus is essential for many reasons. First, it is a prerequisite for just about any career in science, engineering or economics. But it is not the main objective, of course, since while most of these professions use such knowledge regularly, they do not need to prove anything about calculus. It is enough for them to know that the reliability of some theorem has been certified by mathematicians to use it. So the question of why study epsilons and deltas in detail is still relevant.

Another good argument that many proponents of learning calculus present is that it is important for our personal development. We learn it for the same reason we study Voltaire and Darwin – their ideas are a part of our life, they shape how we see the world, and how we interact with it.

Where to Seek Calculus Tutoring Help?

If you lack confidence and skills in learning calculus or if homework is your personal day-to-day struggle, tutoring help might be the best solution. Such help is available in many forms: you can choose peer tutoring, attend group classes, hire a private calculus tutor or seek tutoring help online.

While peer tutoring and group classes are definitely helpful, they are no near as helpful as hiring a calculus tutor for one-on-one tutoring help and personalized homework assistance. The individualized nature of such tutoring help makes it possible for a student to overcome the barriers that prevent them from academic success. In the absence of peer pressure or any deadlines for homework assignments, a student feels more relaxed and willing to cooperate. When the student has his tutor’s full attention and support, he is more likely to come up with a question, suggest a solution of his own or voice his concerns.

When a person decides they want to work with a calculus tutor, the question arises of what form of tutoring to try. Hiring a private calculus tutor who comes to your place twice a week to help you do your homework is a nice idea but it definitely has its downsides. Firstly, it is likely to cost a lot, besides you will have a fixed tutoring schedule, which means if you have any question you will need to wait for the next session.

Online calculus tutoring is probably the most beneficial form of help available to many students. It is very flexible meaning you can contact your online calculus tutor any time you want and be guaranteed to get quality and timely help. Apart from that, online tutoring is much less pricy than private tutoring so even those students who come from families with low income can afford to seek tutoring help online. Finally, online calculus tutoring help is much fun since students work in an interactive virtual classroom equipped with many cool features and tools that make learning more enjoyable.

Why Choose Eduboard Online Tutoring Service?

Eduboard online tutoring service offers round-the-clock homework assistance and tutoring help to students who are struggling with their calculus. Test prep help is also available at Eduboard and students can get in touch with one of our expert calculus tutors for tips and advice on their upcoming test. Whether they just want to quickly brush-up on the main concepts or seek long-term test prep assistance and support, Eduboard calculus tutors are online 24/7 to make sure any student can get help whenever it is convenient for them.

Customer testimonial on Online calculus tutoring

Eduboard online tutoring service does not have fixed price policy, which means a student can negotiate this aspect with a particular tutor and choose the one whose qualifications and fees will suit him best. You do not pay us for doing your homework for you, but you spend your money on being tutored to become a successful and confident learner who is capable of handling any challenging assignment on their own and passing tests easily.

State-of-Art Virtual Classroom Technology to Help You Learn Better

Tutoring sessions at Eduboard take place in our real-time online classrooms equipped with an innovative shared whiteboard with numerous writing and drawing tools that allows calculus tutors and students interact in real time working on a particular problem simultaneously.

There is also a text and voice chat so that students can get in touch with a tutor any time they want. It is a great aid for auditory learners who need to hear things they are being taught in order to completely understand them.


File-sharing and screen-sharing equipment along with an in-built formula and text editor are also to be found on our site.

What Online Tutoring Help Is Available At Eduboard?

With us, students can seek online calculus tutoring help in three directions. Students who occasionally come across a problem while doing their homework or preparing for a test, might need a quick and effective way to get a precise answer before they can move on independently. In such a case, we offer them to take advantage of our Q&A board. Students can connect to a tutor for quick help without pre-scheduling their appointment.

If your calculus problems are deep-rooted, regular online tutoring sessions are a more effective way to regain understanding and advance your math skills.

Finally, students who, for some reason, find it inconvenient to attend full-scale tutoring sessions but require detailed and step-by-step guidance through their calculus problems and questions will find our video tutorial option very beneficial. Choose one of our proficient online calculus tutors and have him create a video answer to your question!

How to Start Using the Service for Online Tutoring and Homework Help?

It is very easy to become our student. All you have to do is to create an account with us providing the minimum of personal information; once it is confirmed you can post your first question. Our calculus tutors will respond very shortly and offer their help. Choose the one you like based on their price, skills and experience and discuss the format of the tutoring help that you like most.

You do not need any special tech skills or knowledge to use Eduboard. Everything is very simple and intuitive. If however a question appears that you need to be helped with, just get in touch with our technical support team who is accessible round-the-clock to assist you.

Online calculus tutoring help from Eduboard is a totally new learning experience you’d want to last!

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