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Have Fun Learning Accounting With the Best Eduboard Tutors

Financial intelligence is a synergy of accounting, investing, marketing and law. Combine those four technical skills and making money with money is easier.-Robert Kiyosaki

Why Choose Eduboard?

  • Our competitors have fixed and rather high pricing packages. Eduboard is a marketplace where prices are negotiable.
  • Unlike other tutoring services, we do not assign an available tutor to work on your order. You choose the tutor you like!
  • No need to pay forward for several hours. You decide how much tutoring time you need and can always prolong a session if required.
  • We can’t decide for you which tutoring option will be the most convenient. So we provide different tutoring options to choose from based on your time, finances, and learning style!

1000+ Qualified Tutors to Help You Right Now

At Eduboard, we have over 1000 qualified tutors available to help you any time! All of them have years of teaching and online tutoring experience and have skills to help any student excel academically.

When hiring our tutors, we carefully screen their qualifications and professional background to ensure they can deliver quality instruction and find their way with any student by tailoring their services to address the unique learning needs of our students. Apart from testing their knowledge in a particular subject, we also require all Eduboard tutors to take a comprehensive English test that can help us understand how smoothly and clearly a tutor can communicate in English.

Tutors at Eduboard Can Help You With:

1. Homework/Assignment Help

Choose the most convenient of our 3 tutoring options to get quality homework and assignment help whenever you need!

2. Essay Writing

Our tutors will teach you how to complete various writing assignments like essays, theses, term papers, reviews, research papers and even dissertations!

3. Test Prep Help

Improve your test-taking skills and practice various test prep techniques! Take mock tests and get valuable feedback from professional tutors!

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4. Multiple-Choice Tests

Practice taking multiple-choice tests including ACT/SAT, PSAT, GRE, MCAT, TOEIC or other tests under the close supervision and guidance of our expert tutors.

5. Learn Effective Study Skills

While working on your issues, we can help you develop critical thinking and problem solving skills, teach you important study and homework-doing habits and show how to organize you work in the most effective way!

Getting expert help at Eduboard is so easy! See how it works.


It's very easy to get started. There is no need for any specific hardware or software to join us. No credit card needed. Just take a few minutes to create an account and you can start getting quality help right away!



public order

When you are registered with Eduboard, log into your account and press “Place an order” button. Fill out the order form carefully by giving a detailed description of your problem and attach files if you have any. Don’t forget to specify the subject and deadline for the assignment as well! When you are done, press “Publish an order”!

Now that your order is published, all tutors can see it and apply for it if they want! All you need to do is to choose the tutor whose price, skills and experience you like best!

This is what we informally call a public order. For further convenience of our students, we have introduced a new feature that allows students to place private orders for their favorite tutors!


If you already have a list of favorite Eduboard tutors whose work you like and whose tutoring methods suit you, you can place a private order for them! This type of orders is available to a particular tutor only so no one else will see it or apply!

Placing a private order is very simple:

Step 1: Look through the list of all available tutors in the Tutors section and choose the one you like.

Alternatively, if you are already registered with Eduboard you can choose the tutor from the list of your favorite tutors in the Favorites section.

Step 2: Click “Hire” next to the name of the tutor you would like to place a private order for and describe your problem in detail. Do not forget to set up the deadline for the order and specify the subject!

Please note that you can switch the order mode and make it public any time you want by clicking the red cross icon next to the tutor’s name.


When you place an order with us, our accounting tutors from all over the world will be notified immediately and will review it as soon as possible. Most of our tutors are U.S.-based but we also have tutors from other countries who have successfully passed our verification and interview process.


Types of answers

There are 3 types of tutoring options available for Eduboard students so different tutors will offer different options.

Just Answer – Plain text or text file attachment

Video tutorial – Video answer to the student’s question with detailed and stepwise explanations from the tutor

Online session – Online class where the student and tutor use Whiteboard and chat to communicate

When applying for your order, tutors will specify the option(s) they would like to provide. Each option has its own price range and deadline. For example:

types of orders

Based on your learning needs and goals you can choose one of the following:

I. Just Ask or Video tutorial

Within the agreed deadline, your tutor will provide an answer to your question either in the form of a plain text or file attachment or a video file. All this time, you and your tutor can stay in touch via our interactive Q&A messaging system.

just answer or video tutorial

II. Online session

Tutors and students meet at the prescheduled time in our interactive virtual classroom for a real-time session. The classroom is equipped with the state-of-the-art tutoring technology to make your learning experience smooth and enjoyable!

There is a shared in-built whiteboard that allows to successfully replicate the real classroom experience. With the help of our voice and text chat, students can easily communicate with tutors and discuss their questions. Students who seek help with accounting will surely benefit from our in-built formula and text editor. Our file-sharing and screen-sharing equipment makes learning all the more effective and fun!

If you want to schedule an online session with one of our accounting tutors, please make sure you provide your tutor with a list of questions and problems you need help with in advance! This will allow your tutor to better prepare for your class.


Why Seek Tutoring Online? Interesting Facts You Didn’t Know!

  • Less than half of American students – 46 percent – finish college.
  • Over 40% of dropouts under age 24 are jobless, and the unemployment rate of high school dropouts older than 25 is more than three times that of college graduates.
  • Americans who earn a college degree make a 40% higher salary than those who just have a high school diploma.
  • 65% of U.S. convicts are high school dropouts, and lack of education is one of the strongest predictors of criminal activity.

How Can Eduboard Help Improve These Stats?

Personalized Approach to Each Student

At Eduboard, each student can get personalized attention of a tutor who will tailor their tutoring techniques and methods to suit the student’s learning needs, style and pace. Such customized approach helps us to work on each student’s unique learning difficulties and challenges.

Maximum Learning Effectiveness

When a student works in a stress-free environment closely supervised by a qualified, patient and friendly tutor, they tend to show much better academic results than in a traditional co-ed classroom. Free of any peer-pressure a student can learn at his or her own pace without having to compete with anyone but themselves!

Forget the Traditional Paper-based Learning! It Is Time to Get Interactive!

While schools are now actively trying to make learning interactive and more appealing to students, they often lack resources that an online tutoring service can offer. At Eduboard, students get helped in an interactive and comprehensive way!

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