5 Tips and Tricks To Make a Unique Essay

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Whether it's a term paper or a term text, essay writing is required for every student. However, a writer has to be able to create a unique paper to stand out. Unlike a generalized piece, an unusual work grasps more attention and makes a more significant impact. Unique essays also create a better impression of the writer. 

Fortunately, writing these pieces isn’t that much of a challenge. The main rule is to follow some basic requirements listed for a specific text and make your work plag-free. However, additional tips for essay writing, including the selection of unusual topics, can enhance the work. You can also include using academic language, and even more tricks, to enhance your text. These writing guidelines are designed to enhance writing skills. So sit cozy and prepare to explore the 5 tips that will make your essay genuinely unique and memorable.

5 Ways to Make Your Essay Unique 

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1. Using Unusual Subjects

Wondering what to write essays about? An unusual topic is one of the secrets behind unique college essays. 

Choosing a common subject has several disadvantages. For example, the reader may already be familiar with the references. Besides, they may have read similar and better content on the topic. As a result, the writer’s paper will fail to stand out. Additionally, reading trivial material may also be boring for your reviewer. 

Writers can avoid these mishaps by choosing a unique topic. An unusual subject piques interest with just a mention. For example, say the topic requirement is to write about Shakespeare’s plays. The advisor will be more interested in a topic on a little-known work. Thus it would be a better idea to focus on Winter’s Tale than on a widely-discussed Romeo and Juliet piece. The latter was probably presented countless times before. So if you still go for the generic second option, the teacher will be more likely to spot inconsistencies and mistakes in the content. In contrast, an obscure piece like Winter’s Tale will offer a fresh option. 

2. Choosing Non-Conventional Sources

Using some latest original sources may also be a good idea to make your work outstanding. However, the research materials for any subjects are also limited. As a result, writers may face difficulties introducing high-quality but simultaneously unique references. Fortunately, the following tips can help.

  • Do a deep dive into the internet sources: Writers who face difficulties finding material can look to the internet for help. However, they should avoid generalized sites and instead focus on educational institutions. Procuring data from valid sources improves the quality of your paper. It also helps filter out inadequate or incorrect information. 
  • Read up: Visiting the library can unearth several sources for unique college essay ideas. Writers can look up references and footnotes from similar papers. The bibliography section helps them locate relevant texts and sources. They can also turn to the course advisor for texts and research materials.

3. Including Multimedia in Essays 

Though not always possible, animation, photographs, and videos can help make an essay unique. Graphs, survey tables, and charts can enhance the work quality if used correctly. For example, say the topic is “The Rolling Stones: Chart Performances through the Years.” Simply describing their positions on the music charts is inadequate in this case. Illustrating the work with relevant chart graphs highlighting their hits will appeal more to the reader. The writer can also create and add a short video explaining the band’s longevity in the music scene. 

Media like these make essays more attractive, providing a break from the usual fare. Additionally, images sometimes convey more information than words. However, students should remember that these media are not a substitute for written work. Pictures and videos should support the written material but not replace it.  

4. Upgrading Your Grammar 

According to an ACT review, college professors consider grammar to be an essential skill for freshmen. You should also know that a strong vocabulary is a must-have trait of successful people. So, a well-developed syntax and flow can make the paper more distinct. A piece with strong grammar allows the writer to voice their interpretations more clearly. 

The key to upgrading your grammar is to avoid conversational language. Academic writing typically frowns on this type of content. Instead, writers should focus on developing an individual, formal style that will make a good impression. 

5. Don’t Be Afraid to Give Your Two Cents 

What do you need in an essay? Your opinion, of course! Sometimes, a solid argument can work just as well as a unique topic. Thus, writers should not hesitate to express their opinions because it can elevate their work. And so writing with a robust and opinionated statement offers a higher engagement rate. Teachers are likely to respond positively to original pieces like these. 

However, writers need to be careful when giving their input. Their contribution must follow the necessary formalities. This list includes the proper formatting and writing guidelines. Additionally, they should have research sources backing their statements. These references make the argument more substantial and more valid. A note here, even when writing your opinion, avoid using first-person pronouns, which don’t comply with academic writing rules. For instance, in narrative essay writing, the use of first-person pronouns can be acceptable and even encouraged to create a personal connection with the reader.

Steps to Write an Essay: Creating an Essay Outline

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Looking for some tips for writing a good essay? Step 1 — Start with a solid outline. Be it a thesis submission or a term paper, outlines are to writing good essays. These guidelines provide structure for academic writing, improving its comprehensibility. A proper outline helps condense and simplify the content into digestible sections. Without it, a term paper would lack a formal form. 

Writers can also use an outline to demarcate points and organize their writing. Sometimes writers themselves get confused about the content. An outline, in such cases, helps organize the paragraphs and pinpoint the main arguments. Key points and central themes are also presented comprehensively using this structure. Thus it is also a guide for those who want to learn how to write a good essay. 

Common Rules for Writing an Essay

Fortunately, the basic skeleton of any essay would be the same, be it for a literature review or a physics paper. Essays outline will thus constitute of the following components: 

  1. 1. Introduction 

This section introduces the reader to essays and contains the most critical points and statements. Besides, paying attention to writing an eye-catching introduction is also one of the best writing tips we can give you. Because writers should do their best to grab the readers’ attention in the intro. 

Keep in mind that an introduction is doubly essential when writing an opinionated essay. All because this type of writing typically demands the writer to agree or disagree with the thesis/project statement. So, a proper introductory part will include a sentence agreeing or disagreeing with this.

  1. 2. Main Body

Simply put, the main body is a continuation of the introduction. The function of this section is to support the opening argument. The main body is where the majority of the content lies. This section also includes essential data, citations, and references. If using multiple references, you should allocate a paragraph for each citation. 

  1. 3. Conclusion

The conclusion is the closing body of the paper. This section wraps up the central argument in a clean way. The conclusion operates by summarizing and reiterating the main points of your content. Writers may sometimes also add a purposely controversial line in the conclusion. This is typically done to make the essay ending more impactful. 

Tips for Essay Writing: How to Write the Best Essays 

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1. Have a Strong Central Argument

Want to know how to write an interesting essay? Start with a solid central argument. Students sometimes excessively worry about what to write essays about. They may forget the proper way to write essays is as essential as the topic. The perfect essay writing format includes a robust central argument.

A clear objective gives the paper a solid structure. Though not a formal part of essay writing guidelines, a strong argument drives every work. Writers will also find it easier to write corresponding sections if the introduction statement is clear. 

2. Follow a Standard Outline

A formal outline helps when learning how to make college essays stand out. In fact, one of the best essay tips is to create a structure before writing. An outline will help writers pinpoint their arguments and make a more substantial impact. It is also easier to flesh out the references and citations with a defined structure. Unique essay writing services can also help those struggling with how to write an essay without errors.

3. Research Well

Doing extensive research is one of the essential tips for writing a good essay. Professional writers focus on reading up after deciding what to write a college essay on. They typically dedicate a reasonable amount of time to research and only then start writing.

One of the lesser-known tips on writing essays, this helps create a smooth writing flow. Just think about it, you won’t need frequent research breaks if you have chosen all the data beforehand. However, not all research sources are equal. Students need to choose educational websites and high-rated blogs to get their research. Low-quality citations are often generalized and may even be incorrect. 

4. Don’t Overwrite

One of the critical tips for writing essays is to get rid of excess. Overwriting can make the work feel cramped and bloated. Instead, focus on the central points and explain them well. Deviating from the main argument will make writers lose track of the narrative. As a result, they may end up including unnecessary references. 

Instead, writers should explain a single point per paragraph. This is what makes content suitable. For example, say the topic is Shakespeare’s plays. In such a case, the writer can focus on one play for a paragraph. So, Hamlet may be discussed in paragraph 1, King Lear in the 2nd, and so on. This section-building is crucial for writing unique essay topics. 

5. Get Professional Help

Not all writers know how to make a college essay stand out. They may have difficulties despite following the proper outlines and unique essay writing tips. Sometimes, trouble with research and rules for writing an essay also interferes. Fortunately, professional writing services can help with this issue. 

Writers on these sites provide high-quality and plagiarism-free work. Students only need to hand over the topic and relevant research to get started. The professionals will take care of the rest, including the format for writing an essay.


Many students find the process of writing unique essays in their schools and colleges pretty overwhelming. Although by following the right tips, it is not that hard to craft high-quality essays and earn good marks. Once you know the proper format, it will be simple for you to write it and submit it timely. But if you feel any difficulties, you can also seek professional help. They will guide you through creating plagiarism-free and well-formatted content, just as you requested. 

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