50+ Law Essay Topics Relevant In 2023

by Joan Rand 11 min read
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Discover the best law topics for essays!

Choosing law topics to write about is as challenging as writing. That is why our team prepared a list of legal topics to write about and a guide to help you nail that essay! Without delays, we will look at the top legal paper topics and how to write a successful paper on them. 

Exploring the Breadth of Law Essay Topics

All interesting legal topics we will offer can be put into three main categories…

Criminal Law Insights

Criminal law code
Oh, there sure are some interesting legal topics...

Criminal damage, trespassing, thefts, robberies, banditry, fraud, assaults, abuse, privacy invasions, fatal offenses, crime elements — oh, what a bright, mysterious, and mental health-damaging sphere of law this is! And what a rich sphere it is when picking topics for law essay writing. Unfortunately, all these things still happen, and they can become your objects of observation. 

What does criminal law focus on? The short answer is that it focuses on people who commit crimes and how they must be punished. But also, it…

  • Identifies 
  • Acknowledges 
  • Punishes

The community and potential criminals about what will await them when they meet the consequences. But also, criminal law deals with its own rules and redefines them all the time, although that time can be long. 

Criminal justice essay topics are all important, especially when you narrow them down and study several resembling cases. To pick criminal justice essay topics, a student must…

  • Prioritize relevance: New offenses and threats manifest themselves daily, and it is important to look at new, up-to-date, and current events. Moreover, legal action from the past would never help in today's world, which remains super unsafe, despite new technology and contemporary practices. For instance, you can focus on recent events that "showcased" police brutality, racial profiling, and extradition challenges. 
  • Localize your search: Your legal essay will be much more specific and interesting if you look at one, two, or three cases in one region. Furthermore, it will be X10 times easier to focus on events since you will have an amazingly detailed context that can give you a hint here and there. 
  • Pick one type of crime for this legal essay writing case: Writing a legal essay lacking specifics will not help you; you will merely get lost. Focusing on one group of crimes is wise. Putting indecent exposure and murder with torture in one essay will confuse your reader (and you too)!  
  • Make facts your main objects of observation: Lyrics and sentiments aside, your legal essay must have FACTS that you must interpret as a future law professional. Cut on emotions and work with somewhat soul-less information to demonstrate how you can apply your law-related knowledge. 
  • Pick topics requiring debate: Some lawyers want to cry in court while arguing and have the right to that feeling 100%. Still, you must be prepared to face your opponents with a Poker face and throw facts at them, regardless if you are an attorney for the plaintiff, an attorney for the defense, or if others call you Your Honor. Criminal cases are all debate material; looking into a conflict, getting arguments, and proving this or that will show that you have studied enough. 
  • Make that felony a question to answer: All essay topics are questions in practice. Your task is to formulate your topic in a manner that lets you perceive this as a question you know a solution for. 
  • Dive into history: History has many answers, given how chaotic our world is! Everything we observe today has already happened several times, but the solutions were different. This older data can explain which legal systems are outdated or how the law has developed to solve/prevent felonies. 

Would you like some fast criminal law essay topics? Here is our list! 

  1. 1. Capital Punishment In The US: Constitutional Law Developments In 2023
  2. 2. Juvenile Delinquency Factors: Those We Have Named And Those We Ignore 
  3. 3. Abuse Of Criminal Law Loopholes And How To Prevent That 
  4. 4. Racial Justice Issues In 2023: [Insert A Region] Cases 
  5. 5. Restitution For Victims: Criminal Law Problems In 2023 
  6. 6. Cannabis Law Contrasts Between States 
  7. 7. Cyberstalking & Cyberbullying: Challenges Lawyers And Victims Face 
  8. 8. How Technology Impacts Criminal Law In 2023 
  9. 9.How Gender Prejudice In Investigations Messes With The Law 
  10. 10. Is House Arrest As Effective As It Must Be In 2023? 
  11. 11. Will The Legalization Of Drugs Reduce Crime Rates?
  12. 12. Should Criminal Responsibility Be Different If A Criminal Is Mentally Unstable? 
  13. 13. New Developments And Solutions In Experimental Criminology
  14. 14. Jail System In [Insert A Region]: Achievements & Mistakes 
  15. 15. Do We Have Enough Laws Protecting Victims' Rights? 

Business Law and Its Nuances

Three people in an office at a table with scales of justice as a decoration
Some legal essay topics on business can also be interesting!

Business law, aka commercial, does the same thing as criminal law but narrows its work down to business codes and people in the industry (regardless of the entity level). So, the business legal area focuses on regulations associated with companies, groups, and individuals who are in this sphere and

  • Business deals
  • Administrative rights 
  • Dispute settlements
  • National and international business deals and their challenges 
  • Work culture & employee-employer relations 
  • Marketing and advertising cases 
  • Taxes
  • Bankruptcy and ma-a-any other things. 

Just like with criminal law, you must pick relevant cases or changes in this legal sphere and prioritize something debatable, remaining factual in parallel. But also, you can 

  • Focus on specific acts: The law has many loopholes and application challenges. Look at an act and allow yourself to criticize it or evaluate how it works. 
  • Study one business type in your paper: Business, in general, is… um… too general! You cannot even compare IT business to manufacturing companies or restaurant services. So, you cannot drive anything specific when you include LLCs, nonprofits, S/C corporations, and everyone else in a pile. Pick a business type and search for materials regarding that — it will be much easier to structure such a paper, too! 

Business-related topics for legal essay writing, anyone? 

  1. 1. European Business Law Components That Can Be Applied Globally 
  2. 2. Fall Protection In The Construction Sector: Analysis 
  3. 3. IP (Intellectual Property) Laws: Loopholes In 2023 
  4. 4. How Should The Law Work With Businesses That Use AI Technologies? 
  5. 5. AI Usage In Business And Copyright Problems
  6. 6. New Methods Of Identifying Bankruptcy Fraud
  7. 7. How Companies Profit From Wars In 2023 
  8. 8. When Can Confidentiality In Business Be Reduced? 
  9. 9. How Must Blockchain Business Be Regulated? 
  10. 10. Verbal And Non-Verbal Agreement In Business 
  11. 11. Laws Guaranteeing A Peaceful Environment In The Workplace: What We Must Have In 2023 
  12. 12. Online Gambling Businesses In 2023: Current Regulations And Steps To Take 
  13. 13. How Business Laws Protect Consumers In 2023 
  14. 14. Minimum Wages: Are They Enough In 2023? 
  15. 15. Limited Liability And Unlimited Liability Company: The Differences

General Legal Topics

Two lawyers walking out of court and talking
There are more topics to explore!

Crime and business matters are not for everyone, but you can still find interesting legal topics. So, some working topics in law are…

  1. 1. The Nature Of Hate Crimes
  2. 2. Should Drunk Driving Be Punished More Severely? 
  3. 3. Marijuana Legalization In Different Countries: Reasons And Effects 
  4. 4. Cigarette Advertising Should Remain Banned: Yes Or No? 
  5. 5. The Role Of Law In Medical Institutions 
  6. 6. Gun Control Laws In The US In 2023 (Of course)
  7. 7. Taxing Cryptocurrencies: Developments, Solutions, And Action 
  8. 8. Media Product Piracy Problems And How The Law Reacts In 2023 
  9. 9. Gender Disparity In The Social Sector Is Still Actual In 2023
  10. 10. Sea Dumping Legal Issues 
  11. 11. Abortion Legality: Positives And Negatives 
  12. 12. Copyright Problems In The Education Sector
  13. 13. How The Law Protects Nurses In Psychiatric Wards From Physical And Verbal Abuse From Patients 
  14. 14. Law And Religion 
  15. 15. Civil Law Problems We Must Discuss More In 2023 

Crafting a Compelling Legal Essay

Have you already chosen some criminal law paper topics? Maybe business law essay topics were more interesting for you? In any case, you now have various legal topics to write about, and it is time to get to writing. 

A-a-and here is how you guarantee that your legal essay writing gets you a good grade…

Tips & guidelines for effective legal essay writing

  • Consider rephrasing some legal topics for essay writing: Adding detail here and there can give you better legal essay topics that will narrow your research down. 
  • Get some facts: Research superficially to evaluate how much is already said about your picked topics. Also, it will give you an idea of how many materials you can study and interpret to write a full paper. Give yourself a short break, digest, and return to deeper research afterward. By the way, do not neglect to fact-check!
  • Plan your paper: Sure, there will be a standard structure like intro-body-conclusion, but I mean deeper planning. Think of what idea goes where, when is the best time to link one fact with another, and how to make your essay 100% readable while presenting all facts you need evenly. 
  • Stay unbiased: You do not take sides as a lawyer student; your task now is to be a researcher, a scientist, and a person who works with facts logically, not emotionally. 
  • Write the body and your conclusion first: Dive into the matter and provide explanations, arguments, and facts. It is great if you also use statistics, expert opinions, and real cases. 
  • Write the intro only after completing 80% of your essay draft: After creating a readable and systematized paper, you know best how to grab your reader's attention. Already knowing the answer, you can give them a better appetizer before the main food for thought.
  • Avoid plagiarism pls this is obvious: Cite all your sources properly, and do not merely rewrite what you have read on the Internet. Your instructor/professor needs YOUR ideas and thoughts, not someone else's who has already learned the course. 
  • Re-read your paper aloud: Create a small theatre play where you are the main character and read your essay writing result aloud to pinpoint illogical moments, abrupt tone changes, and other issues that can make your reader frown. Moreover, that will allow you to see most technical mistakes like typos or punctuation problems. 
  • Proofread two times and edit: Even the most interesting legal topics lose their charm when you read an illiterate paper. It is always best to check your results for mistakes, unneeded sentences, and other issues that decrease readability. 

Pro tip ✨💡✨ Try finding sources in your institution's intellectual repository. That will show how you dive into real research and acknowledge your college/university's work. Moreover, believe me, your instructor or professor will love that. 

Drawing Inspiration from Examples

Law essays examples can help you greatly! You can find some law essay examples on the Internet, look at your institution's repository, or order custom law essays and get a 10/10 specific paper from someone already practicing in your field of study. 

Delving into Specialized Legal Topics

Interesting legal topics can wait for you in spheres you do not consider. If you need something more unique, you can focus on legal issues in…

  • Agriculture and rural development
  • Budget 
  • Business competition
  • Climate action 
  • Customs 
  • Data protection 
  • Digital economy and society
  • Employment and social affairs
  • Financial services legislation
  • Food safety 
  • Humanitarian aid and civil protection
  • International cooperation and development
  • Migration and asylum
  • Public health 
  • Regional policy
  • and many other realms of study! 

Further Topics to Consider

And there are even more legal essay topics for you to explore. Some can even be funny. Although, most legal topics to write about are rather serious. So, we will now be…

Broadening Your Legal Horizons

Here are some alternative legal topics to write about:

  1. 1. Transport Acts In Australia That The Us Can Learn From 
  2. 2. Should We Redefine Age Limits In Youth Law? 
  3. 3. Should It Be Legal To Ban Sportspeople From International Sports Events If They Are From An Invading Country? 
  4. 4. War Crimes In 2023 We Have Witnessed 
  5. 5. Is The Law Strict Enough Regarding Unregulated Fishing? 
  6. 6. Definitions Of Terrorist Crimes 
  7. 7. Analysis Of Internal Security Fund (2021-2027)
  8. 8. Vulnerable People In Criminal Proceedings 
  9. 9. How Is Cross-Border Vehicle Crime Fought In 2023? 
  10. 10. Weird Laws That Are Still A Thing In 2023 

But What Is Law Essay In Practice? 

Remember that regardless of your chosen legal topics to write about, you must stay serious, unbiased, and factual. Law essays allow you to demonstrate how clever you are regarding acts and rules, and your #1 goal here is to show that you have learned a lot. Moreover, such essays demonstrate that you work with information carefully and know how to check facts. 

We strongly recommend finding legal essay examples or ordering custom law essays to see what you must follow. A ready-made paper with a good structure and wise ideas can inspire you to write better. 

Final Words 

Take these legal topics for essay writing and surprise your mentors with an outstanding paper! We do not doubt that your next legal essay writing session will bring you a good grade and satisfaction. Happy writing! 

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