How to Price Your Service?

As soon as you are an approved Eduboard tutor, it is time to think about the price of your services. Many tutors find themselves at loss at how to competitively price their services. One of the main perks of online education is its affordability. By coming to Eduboard students expect to get high-quality help at a reasonable price. We respect that and strive to meet their needs.

Therefore, we would like to provide you with some guidelines and recommendations to ensure that our students feel satisfied with the help they receive at Eduboard and that our tutors are fairly rewarded for their work.

Consider Competition

Try to consider your competition objectively. Eduboard was developed as a marketplace, where tutors are solely responsible for making the student want to hire them. It is therefore your duty to make your profile look appealing to students. It is not that you have to fight or put the lowest price possible. It means you are in the line with others, so think about something that will give you an edge. Also, try to make a strong message to your potential students when applying for an order.

Create your Profile

When creating your profile at Eduboard, remember that this is how students will decide whether you are good enough to be hired. The information it contains should be accurate, complete and relevant. It is a good idea to update your profile from time to time to keep it up-to-the-minute.

List all your professional and academic achievements accurately, add a few words about your personal qualities. Do not forget to attach a photo, for this is how your profile looks more trustworthy.

Apply for an Order

What you write in your offer to persuade students to choose you as their tutor, can make the difference between being hired and getting your application declined. If your motivation message to the student reveals your solid knowledge of the subject and your skills, it is more likely to attract the student’s attention and win his trust.

Eduboard tutors determine the price for every particular order individually based on its type, the level of competition among tutors, complexity of the task, and deadline.

Think how you are going to evaluate your skills and get your students interested. Choose the price you think is the most appropriate for a particular order.

Improve your Profile Rating

The more orders you successfully complete, the better your on-site rating will be. Positive feedback from your students can also be very helpful. Tutors, who have high rating, find it easier to get approved to complete orders they are interested in.

What if I cannot decide which price is appropriate for this particular order?

If you find it hard to determine the price for a particular order because of its vague or incomplete description, you can contact the student and ask for clarification. Choose the initial price and then negotiate it with the student to find the best possible solution. Then edit your offer to make sure it complies with the arrangements you and your potential student made.

Moreover, you can negotiate the deadline for the order, which makes a big difference to the price.

If the final price does not make you happy, you can cancel your application.

Eduboard Pricing Policy

Online tutoring session

Typically, the price for an online tutoring session amounts to $20 per 30 minutes.

Video tutorial

The price for a video tutorial ranges in between $15-45.

Just answer

Q&A-based assistance with your questions (“Just Answer” option) usually starts with $2 and can go up to $25 per question.

If you are not sure about your pricing or about how competitive you can be, experiment for a while to see how students respond.

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