Edu Board Ethics Policy

Edu Board pursues academic integrity and operational excellence, which we outline in this Honor Code. Our well-established writing service never allows anything less than perfection. Edu Board upholds professional competence with absolute rigor. Our experts never assist projects leading to academic dishonesty, data forgery, manipulation, fraud, or deception. Edu Board academic policies condemn the use of our writing services for unscrupulous means of obtaining grades.

Edu Board Code of Conduct

Edu Board strongly disapproves of any form of plagiarism. Our experts do not support nor deal with any type of academic deceit, nor do they facilitate deception or engage in any acts of fraud. Moreover, Edu Board opposes any action encouraging the dishonest obtainment of degrees or grades.
Edu Board Writers will Never Impersonate a Student for Exams & Tests
Our well-reputed writing service takes academic honesty and integrity as a really big deal. We're dedicated to providing a transparent experience for all our clients. Any form of plagiarism or cheating is unreservedly forbidden, and violations are never tolerated. Any promotion of cheating supplied by our writer will result in their immediate expulsion from our staff team.
We Never Tolerate or Support

Cheating entails getting outside help with your college or school work from someone who is not permitted or approved to assist you.


Plagiarism means copying and passing on another person’s work as one’s own, providing no credits or attributes.


Falsifying or taking on another student’s identity credentials for any reason is against the law. In fact, it can land you in serious trouble.

List of Restricted Task Requests at Edu Board

As part of our Honor Code, here’s the list of prohibited activities that students, businesses, as well as professional writers are not allowed to do at Edu Board. The roster is incomplete, though. Check out the Terms & Conditions for more details.
Fabrication or forgery of financial statements.
Resume or CV falsification with fake or counterfeit job experience.
Creating legal documents (leases, enactments, etc.).
Forging an online identity and falsifying another student’s persona for any activity or intent.
Cooperating on education materials or academic work that will be introduced as a student’s own piece of writing.
Ghostwriting of large-scale research papers like theses, dissertations, and term papers.
Forgery of any academic material (information, citations, etc.) that had been considered unethical by an educational establishment.

Edu Board will ban users violating the restrictions of this Honor Code from using our services offered on this platform.

Report Violation of the Code of Conduct

As a credible institute, Edu Board strives to provide its clients with nothing less than the highest standards of excellence. Therefore, we urge our users to notify us as soon as they discover any unethical act. For our part, we ensure to take respective measures for preventing such infringements from recurring.
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