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Controlling complexity is the essence of computer programming.- Brian Kernigan

Are you struggling to create and use templates and tables? Need to create a document with mail merge but do not know where to start? Eduboard online tutoring service will teach you the fundamentals of working with Microsoft Word. Our tutors will provide simple and clear instructions and illustrated steps to guide you through every task and build the skills you need to learn Microsoft Word easily and quickly. No need to feel uncomfortable or shy – we are here to help you every step of the way.

Our help is available round-the-clock to students who are interested to learn more about the many opportunities this word process has to offer. Be it a forced necessity or idle curiosity, learning the basics of Microsoft Word will definitely pay off in the future.

Most companies and organizations use this software application for business correspondence, presentations or reports, bloggers need it to create Wordpress posts for their sites, teachers find this application especially useful for producing learning activities, tests, quizzes and students' homework assignments. Microsoft Word’s numerous features make it easier to learn for students with disabilities. The use of MS Word is unlimited, the more you work on computer, the more you depend on MS Word to help you. So learning how to make the most out of it, can mean the difference between efficient work and a waste of time.

What Is Microsoft Word?

Microsoft Word is the most widely used word processor (WP) available on the market today, which helps produce and work with simple and complex documents. Microsoft Word offers its users numerous tools that help them modify the document in any way possible, thus, you can check the spelling of your document, change the font, insert images, create lists among other things.

The use of the Microsoft Word application in real-world situations is extensive. Thousands of tasks are performed on a daily basis using the WP. Microsoft Word is a truly irreplaceable tool in business. Writing letters, preparing reports and presentations, creating memos would be a much more challenging task if it were not for Microsoft Word.

Microsoft Word is not unique. It has a great number of other analogues that offer similar word-processing features and can be used to create decent text-based documents. However, all of them lack the convenience that this user-friendly program can boast of.

How And Why Should We Learn Microsoft Word?

The question of why is hardly relevant. We live in a rapidly globalizing and interconnecting world, which challenges us to be proactive, resource savvy and fast-paced. Microsoft Word is a tool to help you work or study more effectively and in a smarter way. Knowing Microsoft Word alone is not enough to be successful, however, it is an essential prerequisite for this.

Learning Microsoft Word is quite easy. It requires no special training or great expertise in using computer. You can start exploring the many benefits it presents by yourself or you can ask Eduboard tutors to provide you with personalized instruction and individualized assistance, which help facilitate you learning and make your Microsoft Word experience much more enjoyable.

What Kind Of Help With Microsoft Word Can Eduboard Offer?

Sadly but true, even those users who work with Microsoft Word daily often fail to take full advantage of its many helpful features and tools considering them to be extravagancies of some kind. Although it is not a big deal, it can affect their productivity. Our tutors tailor their techniques to the specific learning needs of their students. They provide easy and interactive lesson plans and make sure that students are involved and interested in each lesson.

Customer testimonial on Microsoft Word

Our online tutoring service offers 24/7 online assistance with your Microsoft Word learning. So whenever a problem or a question comes up and you cannot cope with it on your own, contact our experienced tutors to explain things for you in the most friendly and convenient way.

Eduboard offers all kinds of tutoring options to suit every student’s learning needs. Thus, we have an easy-to-use Q&A platform for students who do not have time to attend a full-scale tutoring session but need an expert to guide them through a challenging problem, quickly explain a difficult computer concept or help find a solution.

Students who do not have time or feel uncomfortable interacting with the tutor one-on-one will benefit from our video tutorial option, which allows them to learn difficult concepts at their own pace and at the time that is convenient for them. A tutor will create a short video answer to the question and send it to the student. The students then can go back to the part of the lesson that they need to revise and watch it as many times as it takes to completely understand the material.

To help students who are struggling with their Microsoft Word studies on a regular basis and need profound tutoring intervention, we offer regular tutoring sessions with one of our proficient Microsoft Office tutors. When a tutor and a student meet regularly throughout the semester and work on the problems and questions as they arise, using the best and most effective study tools, adjusting teaching strategies to students’ current needs, the outcomes are really great. Besides, such form of tutoring helps a tutor identify the student’s academic struggles and weaknesses and design an appropriate tutoring program that will address all student’s deficiencies in the most effective way possible.

Smart Technologies Help Make Learning Fun and Easy

Whether you need Microsoft Word for your work or are simply curious to learn more about the advantages it presents, Eduboard will know how to help you. If you want to become a skilled user of computer in general and Microsoft Office in particular but do not know where to start, Eduboard Microsoft Word interactive tutoring sessions are the right place to seek help.

Microsoft Word-screenshot

We can proudly say that our technology is really the best of the kind. When creating the service, we tried to make it both interactive to help students learn better and more effectively, but at the same time, we cared to make it user-friendly so that no one would feel uncomfortable or awkward working with it. We now can say we have accomplished our mission: Eduboard is the place where cutting-edge educational technology is matched by the best tutors.

Our interactive virtual classroom is equipped with a shared whiteboard where students and tutors can write, draw charts and diagrams, create lists of all kinds as well as upload their files, worksheets, images, share links and edit documents in real time. All its writing and drawing tools are very helpful to visual learners.

To make the communication of a tutor and student smoother, we also have a voice chat. So when a student has a question that they want to be helped with, they can connect to the tutor through the audio chat and discuss it.

Real time texting is another great feature available at Eduboard. You can see what your tutor is explaining to you on the whiteboard and at the same time, you read their instructions in the chat.

Such multi-way interaction helps students better perceive information and retain it longer. Visual and auditory learners, students who need to see something written in order to understand it and those who learn better by creating graphs and lists will find all possible aids at Eduboard.

You do not have to be tech savvy to use the service. Very young students and people of older age feel at ease using our technology. Whenever there is a technical problem or question, our tech support team can help you. They are available round-the-clock to make sure you can get assistance and help when you need it!

Nowadays it is paramount to acquire proficiency in Microsoft Word in order to stay competitive and effective in the current work environment. Eduboard can help Microsoft Word students achieve academic success, become more confident and independent learners.

With highly qualified staff, state-of-art technology and unique teaching methods, Eduboard is your stepping-stone to better grades, stronger skills, and proud personal and professional achievements. It is a reliable friend and a knowledgeable learning partner, who is at your service 24/7 to help you become smart, efficient and successful!

Do not waste your time and join Eduboard now for effective and professional help with your computer assignments!

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