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Introduction To Computers And Computer Applications


To survive and thrive in today’s world a person is required to possess at least a basic knowledge of computers and computer applications. If you want to get ahead fast at work or school, you need to know word processing, spreadsheets, possibly some database applications (such as Microsoft Office Access), and programs like PowerPoint. In addition, learning the ins and outs of email applications such as Yahoo, Outlook, Gmail, and the like is very important as today’s companies do much of their business using email (the formal business letter used in yesterday’s business world has been replaced by a formal and much more convenient email).

If you are taking courses in Introduction to Computers and Computer Applications and suddenly came across a problem or question you need quality advice on, Eduboard online tutoring service will gladly provide its expert educational assistance. Eduboard can help you prepare for tests, do your homework, understand and learn difficult concepts, and manage all other aspects of your Introduction to Computers and Applications classes.

Why Choose Eduboard?

Eduboard provides premium tutoring services to students of all ages and skill levels. Our tutors’ credentials and knowledge have been verified to ensure you get relevant help. Another factor that sets Eduboard apart from other tutoring services is that we are available when you need us, 24/7/365; simply login to your Eduboard account and communicate with your tutor using our interactive learning tools. Whether it’s the middle of the night, a holiday, or a Sunday evening, our expert Eduboard teachers will be there to help you.

We Tailor Our Tutoring Style To Meet Your Individual Needs

Eduboard understands that people learn new skills and new concepts in their own way. Some students learn best by practicing the skills in simulations or real life, while other students learn most effectively through reading, taking notes, listening to instructor’s lectures, or through a combination of any or all of the aforementioned learning methods.

We know that our students might have other commitments that prevent them from having a fixed learning schedule. Eduboard values your time! This is why we offer the convenience of contacting your tutor when you need help. There are no set schedules for tutoring at Eduboard, you can simply login to your account when you have time and request your tutor for immediate help with your Introduction to Computers and Applications questions, concerns, or issues.

Technology Savvy Classrooms Make Learning Easier

Our virtual classrooms are equipped with smart and interactive tech tools to make the process of tutoring easy, fast and enjoyable. These tools include online whiteboards, voice and text chat equipment and file-sharing features. Using these tools provides for an interactive communication between the tutor and the student, and is very helpful when discussing new concepts.

The main goal of Eduboard tutoring service is to provide our students with the tools, tips, and techniques that they need to master their Introduction to Computers and Applications course. We strive to present our services in a fun, fast-paced, and easy way.

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