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On-Demand Game Design Help At Your Fingertips With Eduboard

A game is an opportunity to focus our energy, with relentless optimism, at something we’re good at and enjoy. In other words, gameplay is the direct emotional opposite of depression.- Jane McGonigal

Are you dreaming of becoming a video game developer or computer scientist? Do you want to develop games that inspire imagination and spark creativity? Would like to create something that could produce memorable, emotional, and long lasting experiences? Then game design is your choice!

If you are stuck with your game design homework, need to prepare for an upcoming test or exam, want to create sample games or simply wish to reinforce your understanding of some game design concepts, Eduboard is your one-stop solution in providing quality tutoring and homework assistance!

Why Choose Eduboard to Help You with Game Design?

The world of interactive online gaming has a voracious appetite for new games, and if you are talented at creating computer games or just want to learn how to do that, you can have fun and make money at the same time. Eduboard online tutoring service is always there to provide you with effective and timely game design help.

Eduboard online tutoring service is one of the premier providers of game design help for high school and college students. Here you can get round-the-clock help and precise answers to any tough computer science and game design questions. Completing your game design homework assignments with our step-by-step guidance is easy and fun! With Eduboard, game design help is just a few clicks away!

Individual, Personalized Services

Eduboard recognizes that each student learns at their own pace and in their own way. Some people learn effectively by reading and writing things down, while others need to see what they are being taught, still others can better retain the material if they hear it. That is why we created a truly comprehensive virtual learning environment that meets the needs of all types of students maximizing their learning experience and making it easier to adopt and retain new information.

Our round-the-clock availability is what makes the service especially convenient. People might have busy schedules and numerous commitments that is why Eduboard tutors are available to you every day, every week, every month, and all year round. There is no need to build your life around our classes, just let us know when you are available for tutoring and we will make sure your game design teacher is there to help you.

One-on-one personalized tutoring that Eduboard offers to each of our students allows them to move at their own pace, and perfectly matches their learning style. Group tutoring has its benefits, however very often it fails to meet the needs of all students and leaves those overboard or greatly impedes their progress.

All Grades and Skill Levels

We offer our tutoring services to students of all ages and skill levels in the game design field. Are you a beginner who is just getting to know the basic game design programs and programming techniques or an experienced programmer who wants to keep up-to-date with what is new in the industry? Eduboard game design tutors will surely have something to offer you!

Wide Range of Tutoring Options for Students Studying Game Design

We provide all kinds of game design tutoring options to our students based on their immediate learning needs, learning style, finance and time available.

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Thus, students who have recurring difficulties with their game design homework or want to advance their skills and improve grades, will benefit from setting up weekly tutoring sessions throughout the semester with one of our experienced tutors of their choice. Well-structured and systematic tutoring intervention can improve the overall understanding of the game design concepts, instill useful study skills and help boost confidence in your abilities.

Students who do not have time to attend an online session but have a pressing question or problem that they want to be helped with, can use our Q&A board to connect to an available game design tutor for quick and effective assistance.

One more great tutoring option that Eduboard provides is called “Video tutorial”. Students can ask the game design tutor they like to create a video answer to their question and send it to them. Using our interactive whiteboard technology, the tutor will record detailed video instruction containing stepwise solution to the problem. Students can watch the video any time they want and play it again and again until everything is perfectly clear.

How to Start Using the Service?

Using our service requires a student to possess no special tech skills, hardware or software equipment. You can work from anywhere and at any time as long as you have a computer and good Internet connection.

To start, you will need to create an account with Eduboard providing the very minimum of personal information and then you can login whenever you need and discuss your homework questions, test preparation aspects, or game creation issues with your tutor using our innovative and interactive tools. You will receive quick and professional assistance. Our tutors know what they are doing, and they enjoy helping their students excel!

Smart Use of Technology

We acknowledge that our students learn in different ways. Some students are very much visual, while others are focused on texts or audio, so we seek to provide a truly interactive comprehensive environment to help you digest the information in the form which is most suitable for you.

computer science tutor online-screenshot

Our game design virtual classroom is equipped with the latest tutoring tools available, including an interactive shared whiteboard, file-sharing and screen-sharing features, in-built formula and text editor, voice and text chat.

Interactive whiteboard allows us to create much more engaging and exciting sessions, making things more visual and helpful. Using its many wonderful tools, you can you to draw shapes, write text, delete objects, move objects, and insert pictures.

All our sessions are held through voice- or text-conferencing so that a student can see, hear and read whatever he is being taught. These tools can be extremely useful when working out a complex game design problem or preparing for a test, in this way our students can get immediate real-world feedback on the game design specifications.

Our main goal here at Eduboard is to assist our students in advancing their skills and knowledge. The field of game design is moving fast due to rapid advancements in technology, and we aim to make sure our students have all the tools necessary to thrive.

Simply visit our site and make sure you sign up for a free whiteboard trial!

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