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Engineering Design


Engineering is a vast discipline. However, there are some aspects of engineering studies that are common to all types of engineering. One of those aspects is engineering design. If you are an engineering student, you must have already started studying subjects like Auto CAD and ProEngineer. What may surprise you is that nearly all engineering streams go through these courses. Hence, we cannot downplay the importance of the discipline. It is only a good design that can result in an effective and longstanding product. If there are faults in the design, no matter how good the rest of the work is, the product will ultimately crumble.

Why Is Engineering Design Important?

For any company to succeed in providing structural design services, it is important to be attentive to details. The industries must recognize value innovation and standards. At the same time, they should employ skilled workers and use modern-day machinery. Companies that employ high standards in their design practices are always way ahead of the others. There are many industries that need to employ high standards in engineering designs for their plants. These include chemical industry, power generation industry, oil refineries and cement industries among many others.

Engineering Design In Today’s World

These days we see a lot of sky-scrappers being built around the world. That is another area where the scope for good engineering designs is really vast. Most of these sky-scrappers are commercial buildings. However, there are also those, which are only used for residential purposes. Then there are constructions that are used both as residential and commercial buildings. No matter how they are used, people are going to live or work inside those buildings and it is therefore very important to follow the set of rules and guidelines in order to ensure their safety. Many complex engineering processes are used in the creation of such buildings and without quality training in engineering design, these tasks are next to impossible to carry out.

The Eduboard Way

Eduboard recognizes the intricacies of the discipline and therefore trains you according to the existing set of rules and standards. We teach you to first identify the idea and concept behind the project. Then it is important to list down the requirements of the project and any information on other similar products. Once the data has been carefully analyzed, the design phase starts. With the aid of powerful computers, different materials and designs can be tested through simulation. When a good simulation has been reached, a prototype is made. This prototype is just a model of the real product. Making such a prototype helps removing errors that may eventually occur in the final product. When everything has been tested, the final product is manufactured.

If you are a student majoring in Engineering Design or an employee who wants to advance their skills and learn more about up-to-date engineering practices, our tutors, who apart from teaching have extensive hands-on experience, will gladly assist you in this!

Join Eduboard now and be a designer of your own future!

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