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Emergent Computer Technologies


Nearly every field these days incorporates the use of Information Technology for efficient day-to-day operations. High performance computing and mobile computing have started a new era of information technology. Every day we see different innovations evolving in the field of e-commerce, management of knowledge, web technologies, modeling and wireless technologies. The best part is that along with their development, these technologies are quickly made accessible for the public through smart gadgets.

Examples Of Emergent Technologies

Many of us are already familiar with smartphones. Most of the technology that directly influences an average person’s life comes through the smartphone, mainly because it is so common these days. For instance, we can now get a mobile phone, which has a built-in projector. As amazing as this may sound, the phone does not come at a ridiculously high price. Similarly, many phones today are capable of playing high quality videos. With the trend of large screen phones getting more and more popular, a person can easily watch a movie on the latest smartphone.

Similarly, there is a computer mouse, using which you can scan a document. You scroll your mouse over the document and it’s done. This technology of course has its limitations mainly because of the size of the mouse, but with the on-going work, we may have a very good solution sometime soon.

Multi-touch technology has become another breakthrough in the field. Gone are the days when people used heavy cell phones with a lot of buttons on them. Now, you can control everything by simply touching the screen. Instead of buttons, we have capacitive sensors that also work on touch.

In this way, the emerging technologies are converting our dreams to reality. What was unthinkable a few years back is the order of the day now. The world has turned into a global village where everyone can stay connected all the time. Facebook and Skype have brought a revolution in social media and Internet communication.

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