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Wins and Losses of 2013 Detroit Auto Show

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NAIAS, which stands for the North American International Auto Show, is an international event that yearly draws huge crowds from all over the world. Each January thousands of regular folks along with true car lovers come to this U.S.-based auto show to take closer look at the most expensive, fabulous and fine automobiles.

This year’s auto show in Detroit was no difference. Now that the limelight faded away and the days of huge media attention are in the past, let us look at what worked well and what failed.

Here is the list of top five cars that received a standing ovation of the audience and five other cars that were given a rather hostile reception:


1.2014 Chevrolet Corvette Stingray.

GM engineers and designers surely know their business. The car is drop-dead gorgeous with the 6.2-liter V8 gas mileage and a choice of either automatic or manual transmission. The new 2014 Corvette is the first brand-new version in nine years. Some even call it the symbol of America’s car industry rebirth.


2.Ford Atlas Concept.

The full-size pickup is definitely something to look at. This tech-packed model (it has all you can think of including Wi-Fi hotspot, 360-degree camera, and backup assist system) offers innovative design and fuel efficiency.


3.Honda Urban SUV Concept.

The new crossover will appear in Japan at the end of 2013 and reach the USA at the beginning of 2014. However, we can now say it is worth waiting. The car will have its gas-tank located under the front seats, which means the interior will be highly configurable. Although no additional details have been released so far, the company is expected to offer its clients good fuel economy. Dear Sirs, we are getting impatient here!


4.Audi RS7.

Trust me this one looks nice. The five-door sports coupe that boasts 560 horsepower under its hood is elegant and stylish. I hope that some of us will be able to afford the beauty once it goes into production.


5.Cadillac ELR.

This two-door coupe is worth talking about. It combines Chevrolet Volt’s tech filling with Cadillac CTS Coupe’s nice exterior. Presently, Cadillac is trying to keep a low profile on any performance details but we do know it is going to hit the U.S. market at the beginning of 2014. We are dying to ride it!


As any other competition of its own, the Detroit event had its losers as well. The greatest losses were Acura MDX Prototype, which did not risk offering us any catchy design this time, Toyota Furia that is too sleek to be interesting , 2014 Chevrolet Silverado 1500 (alas, the car is simply not good enough to compete with Ford Atlas), Mini John Cooper Works Paceman (it is definitely fun to drive, but for $36K I’d rather be amused driving something else) and Volkswagen CrossBlue Concept.




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