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Why iPads Are Such Tremendous Success These Days

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iPad is continuing its triumphant march across the world, leaving PCs trailing far behind. The unprecedented growth of tablets has touched upon every single aspect of our life. Everyone, from a three-year old child to a top manager of some world-famous corporation, knows how to use it to their personal benefit.

Why is iPad so big these days? Tim Cook, the CEO of Apple Inc., tried to answer this question. He explains that iPads are so popular because they have come to our life very naturally. By the time iPads arrived, people had already had solid experience of using iPhones with their multitouch displays, they had been working with iTunes Store and App Store. So, when iPad came into being, people instinctively knew what to do with it.

Due to the immense popularity of iPads, content-rich businesses around the world such as publishing houses are forced to re-dislocate their wares for the fear of losing their customers. Many industries have already been affected by it, and experts believe there are no visible limits to that growth. As the proverb goes “If you cannot fight it, adjust to it.” So, let’s see how different industries are adjusting to iPads.


IPad makes a perfect partner for education. Education has long since become a huge fan of tablets. Such portable devices have had a dramatic impact on the way children learn. It inspires creativity in students. Various applications from App Store or iTunes allow students to quickly and effectively find content and access all the information they need.


iPad is a synonym for entertainment. Tablets are perfect devices for playing music, watching videos, taking photos and gaming. The experience you get while working on iPads is immersive, interactive and fascinating.

3.Content-rich industries.

All industries that rely on content to make money can greatly benefit from interactive tablet experience. Travel and leisure companies, e-commerce chains, consulting agencies, to name just a few, all have been swept over by tablets.
The list goes on and on, including hardware manufacturers, app developers, banks are seizing the opportunity to applify their content and make it available to a larger market.


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