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Why Have a Go at Virtual Internship This Year?

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Every day our hectic life presents us with new challenges and opportunities. While some of them pass unnoticed, there are definitely those that deserve taking a closer look at. Virtual internships are the most recent phenomenon in the field of employment. Thousands of young people have already taken advantage of being employed virtually.

There are many perks indeed. Such form of employment provides for flexible hours allowing students to successfully combine study and work. You gain experience, polish your skills, expand professional network and, for the luckiest ones, make some money without setting foot in the office. Virtual internships perfectly fit into the busiest college schedule and remove the necessity to compromise on the quality of your academic preparation or your work.

Students who are working towards such fields as computer science, education, journalism, business and research, can now choose among thousands of virtual positions., which is one of the biggest resources that provides students with information on internship programs available, contains about 8,000 unfilled positions at the moment.

Naturally, such work requires a candidate to be much more self-motivated, organized and creative than those interns who work in the traditional way. The downsides are present as well, including the lack of social interaction, lack of insight into the company’s corporate culture and office ethics.

If you are interested to give it a try, check out this list of top four companies that offer virtual internships in 2013.

1.Actionable Business Training: Journalism Internships.

The company is looking for journalism interns who can write about technology, startups and business. Interns will have to do research, interview experts and write stories of success. Those who consider applying are expected to have some background experience in the field of journalism. This is a wonderful opportunity for students and recent graduates to expand their professional network, improve writing skills and update their portfolio.

2.Athgo: Social Media Internships.

Athgo hires interns who are SM majors and want to explore wider career opportunities in the field. Its interns will get to work with world-known experts and scientists as well as Athgo’s higher-ups to promote and increase the company’s online presence. It’s a 6-month program that provides for a 10-hour working week. All applicants are expected to have experience in the field of design, social media, or outreach.

3.Braathe Enterprises: Business Internships.

The company offers internships in different fields including business. Basically it gives applicants a chance to tailor their internship experience to their very needs. All those interested in applying can send their resumes and then they will be asked to describe their long-term career goals and achievements that they intend to accomplish in the so-called The Resume From The Future. Based on this, they will set your internship agenda and design the most suitable program. The duration of the internship program is about 5 months.

4.LELA Media: Virtual Editorial Internship.

LELA Media is looking for enthusiastic young people to work on its website. If you choose to apply, you will be writing stories on career, health and success, interviewing different people, creating SEO content for digital media. To apply for the position of an intern with this company one has to possess solid writing and research skills. LELA Media interns work 25 hours a week. It is a perfect match for students who are passionate about music, movies and sports.

Although it sounds extremely interesting, virtual internship is definitely not everyone’s cup of tea. It takes one much dedication and good organization skills to succeed. Those who want to gain working experience but cannot do so due to their super-busy schedules will find this opportunity very appealing.


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