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What You Make Is What You Take: Top 10 Worst College Majors

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The prime objective of going to college is to earn a degree that will ensure the most advantageous employment. Thus, what disciplines you choose to major in, can affect your career prospects by either giving you a competitive edge or leaving you stuck with a degree you can find no use for. That is why selecting your majors is just as important a step as finding the right college. When doing it you should consider all options available for you. Think about how this particular major will help you to find a job that will meet all your career expectations.

Not all college majors are equally worthwhile. Below is the list of ten majors that are expected to be in little demand in the years to come.

1. The least valuable major in terms of its earning potential and career opportunities it brings is archeology or anthropology. As exciting as it may sound, those two are very unlikely to be well-paid or open up any career choice. In fact, according to the Center on Education and the Workforce (CEW) at Georgetown University, the salaries in the field are about $28,000 per year, which is less than a worker without a college degree can earn. Besides, the unemployment rates are a way too high and currently stand at 6.9%.

2. The second place goes to Latin. Although being one of the progenitors of many currently spoken languages, it cannot boast a wide niche of professional implementation.

3. Art History occupies the third place on our list. Limited amount of jobs in the field of art history combined with a great number of employment seeking graduates have made it an almost useless major. Many of these graduated will eventually settle down as museum workers with a yearly salary of about $37,000.

4/5. Philosophy and Religious studies take the fourth and the fifth positions on the list. Nourishing the mind these majors can hardly nourish your body. At present the unemployment rate for philosophy majors stands at 7.2% in general and 10.8% for those who recently graduated. Salaries range from $30,000 to $42,000 per year.

6. Personally I believe that Music Therapy is a wonderful thing, which is greatly underestimated, however the fact remains that people who major in Music Therapy often do not have many job opportunities, and among the few that are available for them working with developmentally disabled people is, perhaps, the best option. Being a Music Therapist can bring you as much as $45,000 a year. So it ranks sixth on the list of the worst majors for your career.

7. Studying sculpture and painting can be really exciting for many reasons; however return-on-investment is not one of them. Thus, Studio Arts stand seventh on the list with 8.0% unemployment and an average salary of $ 37,000 per year.

8. Drama and Theatre is undoubtedly one of the greatest majors ever! But let us be realistic here. Not everyone is born to be the next Laurence Olivier or Audrey Hepburn. So the majority of those who specialize in Drama might actually find themselves working in other fields such as sales or teaching. The salaries for Drama grads are the lowest and average out at $26,000.

9. Sociology is one of the most popular college majors these days, however it comes the last but one on our list due to a low average salary of its degree holders and an 8.6% unemployment rate. Those, who have a thing for sociology, can try to combine it with other more convincing disciplines such as statistics or economics.

10. And finally English is considered to be the tenth worst major today. This is extremely sad but true. The range of professional implementation is rather narrow. You can teach or try to write a book if you want but that is pretty much it. Added to everything else the salaries are far from being impressive and amount to about $48,000 per year.

You are going to invest much money, time and effort into it so you had better make sure your future degree is worth it!




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