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What to Do to Get an Athletic Scholarship This Year?

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Despite the widespread misbelief, colleges are not solely interested in providing sports scholarships to students performing on the field or court at the highest level. Students, who genuinely love their sport and can boast good skills, might expect to win athletic scholarships as well.

However, the truth is, the phone rings to offer someone a scholarship only if they are the most prominent sportsmen. As for the rest, they have to try harder and invest a little more to get what they want. At some point, it becomes all about having a good self-recruiting strategy.

So if your performance is a little less outstanding than it could be but you still want to apply for a sports scholarship, here are some useful tips on how to best market yourself to a college to get it.

1.Start contacting coaches as soon as possible.

You can’t measure an athlete’s potential if you don’t follow their stats over the course of a few seasons. That is what any coach will tell you. Therefore, if you want your coaches to give you a favorable mention and increase your chances of getting an athletic scholarship, you should contact them as soon as the first season is over and you have the stats on hand.
In this way, you will have been in touch with the coaches for at least 3 years by the time you are in your senior year of school.

2.Find a way to connect to college coaches.

If you think, it is time to let college coaches know about you, make sure you prepare well for this dialogue. Take it seriously. Think about it as if it were a job interview. That means you should use proper grammar and vocabulary when speaking to a coach or writing an email, have a mature email address to write from and try to learn about the scholarship program as much as you can to be able to invest something into the conversation.

3.Create an impressive video portfolio.

Words alone are not enough to persuade college coaches that you will be the right fit. You need to prepare a video that contains impressive elements of your performance. The video shouldn’t be too long (7 minutes will do), there shouldn’t be any soundtrack or voice comments, it should be dynamic and action-packed to keep the person watching it interested.

4.Visit the college in person.

If you are already negotiating your scholarship with a college coach, it is a good idea to visit the school and talk to them in person. Make sure you set an appointment though, if caught by surprise the coach might not want to hear you out. On the other hand, pre-scheduling your visit can show them you are a mature person with strong desire to get into that particular school.
Besides, visiting campus is a good opportunity to check if the school is really your match.

5.Do your research.

A student who knows what they want their college experience to be like, can easily impress the coach. If you know for sure what school you want to attend, what major to take and what team you want to play on, the coach is likely to take you seriously.

6.Improve your academic performance.

To be considered eligible for an athletic scholarship, you should have an impressive academic background. Some colleges can even put you on a team that is above your athletic skill level if you perform extremely well on your GPA, SAT or Act tests.

7.Provide references.

Make sure you have references coming from not only school coaches but other faculty as well. Not having your teachers’ references might look like you are not the person on whose behalf they want to speak.

8.Stay aware of the application deadlines.

By missing the deadline, you might easily bring all your efforts to naught. Start planning well in advance. Mind that each sport has its own deadlines, they are called signing periods, and if you miss one, you will no longer be eligible for a scholarship.


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