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What Is Wrong With Public Education These Days?

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“Good judgment comes from experience, and experience comes from poor judgment.”
Making mistakes is a healthy part of any learning process. By making mistakes we become stronger and more experienced. However, every mistake comes at a price and if we speak about mistakes in our education system, the price is too high to pay. Eliminating such mistakes could help students learn better. Each of these mistakes can have long-lasting effect on a student’s performance and can eventually influence their whole life.

So, here is the list of most important mistakes the school system makes:

1.Much cramming, no hands-on practice.

Schools should realize extensive practice is just as important as learning. Doing is a great part of learning. Without hands-on experience students cannot fully comprehend complex concepts let along apply them. Schools are nowadays focused on teaching students to memorize subject material.

2.Tests, tests and more tests.

Schools are concerned about testing more than they should be. Educational institutions are service providers so it is only naturally that they should not act as the assessing part.

3.No place for creativity.

Schools limit students’ creativity because they think they know better what students’ needs are. Instead of telling students what they should learn, schools must aim at teaching them how to do things they are interested in.

4.No real-life application.

It might as well be the greatest problem of these days. Students simply do not see why learning certain things is important and our schools fail to show them this. The lack of real life application of knowledge students acquire at school results into their getting disinterested and disengaged.

5.Too much focus on grading.

Schools believe the best motivation for a student is a good grade. Naturally, students are forced to be in the environment where they feel challenged by other peers and have to strive for grades. It is partly true and works well for some children but others can get frustrated if they feel they do not at the level required for a good grade and thus might give up once and for all.

6.Lack of motivation and encouragement.

Students should learn but they do not have to like what they learn. It is teacher’s job then to motivate their pupils and help them develop interest and curiosity to dig deeper.

7.Discipline vs. Learning.

Discipline is important but when it is too rigid, children become anxious and quiet not curious or knowledge-hungry.

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