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Wacky Fashion Trends From Around the World

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That is definitely up to a person to decide what is weird and what is normal to wear. Fashion and beauty trends are greatly diverse these days. They differ from nation to nation, from region to region. Judging countries by what their people wear would be unfair and upward subjective. However, with this in mind, you cannot deny the fact that wearing shorts with body-controlled tails sounds a little like overkill.

Here is the list of top ten weirdest and wackiest fashion and beauty trends from around the world:


Hitler-mania has hit Thailand recently. Thousands of T-shirts, sweatshirts depicting the infamous German leader are sold like hotcakes. Hitler is everywhere: street posters, cartoons, you name it. Foreign media explains this craze by the ignorance and lack of relevant historical knowledge in Thai people.


The Brain-Controlled Tail or Shippo, as Japanese call it. Have you ever melted with fondness looking at your puppy waging its tail? Well, Japanese fashion electronics company, Neurowear, created wearable tails that can tell the whole world about how you are feeling at the moment. Apart from the tail itself, you will have to wear a clip-on heart monitor and EEG headset. But what does it really matter if people will finally be able to understand you?

3.Gothic Lolita-style.

Japanese designers must have their own secret source of creative inspiration for it is the only explanation of why they appear on this list for the second time. The Lolita-trend has been popular in Japan for quite a long time and now fashion designers have decided to add a Gothic tinge to it. So if you are walking the streets of Tokyo, do not be surprised to see a vampire-like Lolita holding an umbrella. Didn’t I say? Umbrellas are an essential part of the whole image here.

4.Mexican Elf Boots.

Did you dream as a child to meet some fairytale creature like a goblin or an elf, perhaps? Well, now you have the opportunity to not only meet elves but also become one of them. If you go to Mexico, you are likely to see locals and tourists wearing these pointy, long and funny-looking shoes. The new shoe craze is the in-thing of these days.


Forget about leggings, it is meggings time now. This skin-tight clothing, which was extremely popular in the early 90s, has made a triumphant return and targeted males.

6.Jeweled eyes.

Netherlands candy kids are crazy about decorating their eyes these days. By “decorating eyes”, I do not mean applying eyelash or anything. I am talking about actually decorating eyes with jewelry. They put studs made of metal of value shaped like half-moon or hearts into their eyes. And it is OK that such things can actually result in impaired vision.

7.Corneal tattooing.

Canadian teenagers do not wish to lag behind their Dutch peers and found a way to decorate their peepers as well. They believe tattooing their cornea with the help of colored inks is a good idea. Well, at least bleeding is less likely here.


To avoid having a tanned face after a long day on the beach Chinese women these days are wearing the so-called facekinis. What looks like a horrible Halloween mask is in fact a hit among young Chinese girls.

9.Bird Droppings Facials.

Do you want to sanitize your skin for $180? Beauty salons around the world will happily assist you in this by offering facials that consist of powdered nightingale droppings, rice hull and some ultraviolet light.

10.Saline forehead.

How about injecting some saline into your forehead? Can you imagine things you can do with that? Neither can I. Apparently though, thousands of Japanese girls are taken with the idea of misshaping their bodies even temporarily.

Whatever they say, you can never predict all the vagaries of fashion. Some of the trends are more than hilarious and awkward. In order not to be deceived by the fast-changing fashion it is quite important to be on the verge of intelligence and common sense.


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