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Using Social Media to Benefit Your Financial Standing

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Social media has turned this crazy world upside down, removing all boundaries and making it much easier for people to work, communicate, study and even start relationship. Although many people still complain that it encourages more intrusion into privacy and argue that Web crime has become central due to its wide-spreading popularity, little can they actually do to limit or stop its advancement.

It takes only one YouTube video clip or a nice post on Twitter to make you famous and, as the recent survey shows, rich. This is not limited by age, social position or education. Today, teenage bloggers are offered TV show grown-up contracts and even attractive movie deals.

At the time when the Internet has become a new world’s religion, nothing is impossible (I hope, Nike will forgive me for saying this). It s all there and it’s all available for those who dare to take it.

Today, we’ll talk a little about those common people who became Internet-famous overnight. Let’s hope this article can give the right motivation and inspiration to those who are still suspicious of this blessing called Social Media.

It’s always a pleasure to chat to your friends over school lunch however if you are addressing more that 400,000 people at the same time it becomes a real event. Thus, Joey Mueller aged 19, who is currently a sophomore at the University of Minnesota, started his Twitter life at the age of 17 when he first decided to use Twitter to post comment on big events, hoping to attract attention. It was only later that he understood that his messages were too personal to appeal to other people. So he decided to comment on things of observational humorous nature, which soon paid of giving him about 440,000 followers.

Lucas Cruikshank, a teenager from Nebraska, has become a YouTube phenomenon posting a video of Fred Figglehorn, a 6-year old character created by him. To his amazement the video had millions of hits over the world and since 2005 Mr. Cruikshank’s series about a disturbed boy, Fred, has had about 70 million views. Hollywood producers who are tired of the traditional talent-hunting methods, have now turned their attention to the Internet.  Thus, Brian Robbins, a famous American producer decided to give Lucas a chance to become a film star in the project called “Fred: The Movie”.

It’s all about your user name. That is true for whenever there is a new digital service in sight, everyone rushes to claim the best user name possible. That is what happened to Liz Eswein, who in 2011 was one of the first to sign up for Instagram, claiming the name @newyorkcity. This resulted in many people thinking this was the city running it. Since that time Ms. Eswein has been posting photos of NYC, which gained popularity worldwide. Soon Liz co-started a business where she consults big companies such as Samsung on how to attract more Instagram clients.



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