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Useful Gadgets and Software That Every Online Student Needs

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It seems that the main point of online education is to keep things simple and convenient for students. Many people who have experienced any form of online or distant learning would say all you need to succeed is a reliable Internet connection. Others will strongly disagree saying that with so many digital toys being produced on a regular basis, keeping online education low tech is simply impossible.

Educational experts believe that any online program that requires a significant use of technology is poorly designed. However, most of them agree there is a number of devices and software programs that can benefit a student’s learning and make one’s life much easier.

So, how to keep a healthy balance between being too gadget-oriented and losing your opportunities to learn something important because you do not meet technological requirements of your online program? Here are some gadgets and software programs that you will regularly use throughout your online course:

• Printer

Many students mistakenly believe online learning means no hard copies. Still some students say sometimes it is much easier to work with printed materials. It is there any time you need and you can take notes as well.

If you have decided to invest into a printer so that you will not have to wait until commercial printers are open to make a copy, it is advisable to buy a small machine that you will be able to take with you when travelling.

• Software tools for easy bibliography formatting

Online students like their peers who are enrolled in traditional programs have to write papers of all kinds: research papers, term papers, theses etc. To do that properly it is important to know how to cite the works they reference correctly. Such bibliography formatting software tools as EasyBib, BibMe and NoodleTools make the work easy and enjoyable.

Just paste website addresses and book titles, and these programs will automatically format citations for you.

• Note-taking software

Although some might believe online learning does not require any note-taking, many online students prefer to use special programs to programs to highlight the main ideas of their lectures or comment on their readings. Such software products as Evernote or OneNote allow students to take, share, and archive notes in the most convenient way possible! This is especially useful for students who are visual learners.

• Web cams and headsets

If your online program requirements include video chatting with faculty members, you simply must have a good and reliable Web cam and headsets that operate with a prime sound quality. This will help you participate effectively in spoken classroom conversation over the Internet.



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