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Top Three U.S.-Based Educational Event to Visit In 2013

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This New Year marked the beginning of the new round of education conferences where all the great minds of our century will get together and once again discuss what there is good and bad in our education.

The truth is there is a lot to talk about and look forward to. A great number of education-related events are scheduled for 2013, promising so much for educators from all over the U.S. and the whole world.

The fast development of technology and its integration into the learning process are two main topics for discussion today. Particularly, the focus is likely to be made on how to introduce these tech advances to benefit traditional classroom learning and teaching and how to make the most of the many opportunities such innovations offer.

Apart from this, another important advantage of attending such events is that they are a perfect place to meet new people and extend your professional network.

So, if you are interested to learn more about what is going on in education these days and wish to travel, here is the list of education conferences and seminars worth visiting in 2013:

1.EdTechTeacher iPad Summit USA 2013.

Conference Dates: April 10-12
Location: Atlanta, Georgia

The event is about to bring together crowds of educators, researchers, tech directors, principals, school leaders from all round the world. It is the second conference following the first meeting in November 2012. The conference is going to feature two days of learning sessions where such topics as Classroom Integration, Leadership and the Technical aspects of iOS deployment and management are going to be open for wide discussion. The main idea of the meeting is to help discover the most effective ways of facilitating classroom learning through iPad integration.

2.International Society for Technology in Education.

Conference Dates: June 23-26
Location: San Antonio, TX

The International Society for Technology in Education annual gathering is considered to be the world’s top tier tech event, bringing together teachers, administrators, corporate representatives. During four days, its participants will be invited to attend learning sessions, take a closer look at new ed tech solutions designed to facilitate the traditional classroom instruction and meet the most outstanding specialists in the field of tech-enhanced learning. The event is going to be is a great chance for educators from all over the world to expand their professional networks.

3.National School Boards Association.

Conference Dates: April 13-15
Location: San Diego Convention Center in San Diego, California

The 2013 NSBA event is going to host over 200 informative sessions for education leaders, superintendents and board members from around the U.S. Among the many topics that are expected to be introduced this year, there is going to be a wide dialogue about innovative ideas and solutions in district management and student achievement.


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