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Top Ten Weird New Year Traditions You Might Have Never Heard Of

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People love holidays. They like to party, enjoy festive food in the bosom of their family and exchange presents. In this respect New Year and Christmas are perhaps the two most favorite holidays in the world. All people regardless of their nationality, cultural and religious background celebrate them. They believe that the coming year will bring love, happiness, health and prosperity into their life. Before the year ends people try to get rid of their bad memories, hard feelings and negative thoughts. They don’t want these to follow them into what they believe will be a totally new life. People are prepared to go out of their way trying to change their life for better. They do strange things, follow weird traditions and rituals. Today we’ll talk about top ten strangest traditions that people around the globe stick to.

1. Perhaps the most enjoyable New Year tradition, which was born in America but quickly spread through the world, is to kiss someone you love or care for at midnight. It is believed to bring luck, happiness and true love to a person in the coming year.

2. Unmarried women in Ireland wait impatiently for the New Year’s night because it is believed to be the night when their dream for a wonderful man can come true. So they put mistletoe leaves under their pillow in the hope to attract the love of their life. They also think it will help them scare off bad luck.

3. A weird New Year tradition in Denmark might seem almost wrongful to some people. New Year there is the time to break dishes at neighbor’s door. Interestingly though neighbors do not feel the least bit irritated or angry. In fact such public unrest makes them happy. The more broken plates there are, the more faithful friends your family has.

4. Mexicans believe that New Year’s Eve is the best time to talk to the spirits of their beloved ones who passed away. They prepare special food, decorate houses and visit their graves. By doing this Mexicans hope to get some good advice or guidance from the spirits. Should I mention that many Mexican people choose colorful underwear for New Year’s Eve – red or yellow- trying to invite luck and love into their life?

5. People in Puerto Rico believe the only way to make the coming year happy and prosperous is to wash away all the memories of the old year. So on New Year’s Eve people wash, clean, scrub their homes making sure nothing is left to remind of the year that passed.

6. Scottish men prefer to celebrate New Year in a more dangerous way. They call it Hogmanay, which is a typical Scottish festival that includes a parade and fire show. Men march through the streets holding and swinging balls of fire over their heads. Scottish people believe fire symbolizes sunshine and purgation.

7. Ecuadoreans also are fascinated with fire. That is why they traditionally burn scarecrows on New Year. On this holiday families gather together and dress up scarecrows filling them with wood and paper. At midnight each family burns their scarecrow hoping that this will help them forget and let go of all the bad things that happened over the last 12 month.

8. Italian people do not want any old things to follow them into a New Year so, as a rule, they throw old clothes, pots and pans, and furniture out of the window on New Year’s Eve. This tradition is still alive in southern Italy but if you happen to be somewhere else in Italy around this time, you’d better watch your head anyway!

9. People in Germany are very tradition-abiding. There are a great number of customs and traditions that Germans adore. Watching a 14-minute British cabaret sketch called “Dinner for One” is one of them. Since 1963 there has not been a year without millions of people gathering around their TVs in the evening of December 31st and waiting for the film to be aired.

10. A small town in Chile has its own unique way of celebrating New Year. People in Talca go to the cemetery where some of their relatives rest in peace and spend the night there listening to quiet music, watching blinking lights. They believe that their relatives wait for them to be there and deserve some attention on that particular night. The tradition originated spontaneously 17 years ago and is currently followed by 5000 people.

Why not follow one of such traditions in your country this year? Throw something old out of the window on New Year’s Eve or burn a scarecrow outside your apartment. Your neighbors are sure to be surprised!



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