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Top Ten Law Schools to Apply to In 2013

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Are you dreaming of becoming a well-paid top-tier lawyer? Or you want to make a career in politics but do not know which law school to choose that will give you a good headstart in your career? Read on and you will learn about what law schools are ranked among the best in the country and why. You will also find out more about the requirements they expect their applicants to meet.

When you chose to pursue a legal career, you put yourself in a position where you have to compete with thousands of smart, well-educated and talented young people. If you feel you are prepared to meet the challenge, let us see what option you have.

Here is the list of top ten most reputable and well-known law schools that offer solid and comprehensive programs:

Yale University. Yale Law School is one of the most prestigious and oldest institutions in the world and it is number one law school in the U.S. Everything, from its magnificent campus halls to the Lillian Goldman Law Library, one of the richest collections of printed legal materials, speaks about its rich history and deep-rooted traditions.

Every year more than 600 students are enrolled in Yale Law School program and the employment rate statistics say, more than 93% of them will be recruited by the best law firms in the country. The total estimated budget for a single student, which includes the tuition itself, administrative fees, housing, health insurance and other expenses, amounts to $73,680 per year.

Harvard Law School is another elite private university for those who seek to major in law. The school offers a very competitive full-time program that enrolls as many as 1,771 students annually. The employment rates for Harvard Law School grads come up to about 97%. The tuition fee is lower than in Yale but still impressive. Students here will have to pay $48,786 per year apart from their other expenses.

Stanford University in Palo Alto, California is ranked third best law school in the U.S. with the yearly tuition of around $45,000 and the highest enrollment rates for law school graduates in the country – 98%. The number of seats is limited and only 571 students join the school each year.

Columbia University, New York, deserves to be called fourth best law school in the country. The tuition fees are higher than those at Harvard and Yale. Yearly a single student will have to pay as much as $52,902. One of a few benefits that this university has to offer is the loan forgiveness program for graduates who work in the public service.

University of Chicago Law School will cost each of its 624 first-years $47,502 per one academic year.

New York University is a law school that annually enrolls 1,464 students in its full-time program. The school costs $48,950 per year.

University of California—Berkeley and University of Pennsylvania both claim the seventh place among the most reputable law schools in the U.S. The both schools offer comprehensive full-time program and enroll yearly in between 801 and 869 students. The tuition fees are also pretty much the same: Penn Law costs $50,718 per year and Berkley students are required to pay $50,163.

University of Michigan, Ann Arbor is a decent law school that enrolls yearly about 1,149 students. This is one of the few law schools in the country that offers different tuition rate costs for in-state and out-of-state students, $46,830 and $49,740 accordingly.

Duke University School of Law costs $49,617 per year. Annually 644 come here to study law. They have a unique opportunity to earn dual degrees such as a J.D./M.B.A. in conjunction with the Fuqua School of Business, a J.D./M.D. with the Duke Medical School.

• The last institution on our list of top ten best U.S. law schools is Northwestern University, Chicago, Illinois. The school costs $51,920 per one academic year and enrolls about 260 students.


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