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Top Ten Christmas Destinations for Your Winter Voyage

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Christmas is a magic time when people put off their work, forget about their worries and join their families and friends to celebrate one of the most favorite holidays in the world. Some people prefer to celebrate Christmas in a traditional manner by decorating a Christmas tree and preparing festive meals at home, while others choose to join their friends in night clubs or pubs. There are those though who want their Christmas experience to be truly unique and unforgettable. So they book a trip to some distant location and start packing at the time when others are doing their shopping.

Today we’ll talk about top ten best places to visit on Christmas days. Every country has its unique features and holidays are the best time to learn more about them.

1. In winter Austria is one of the most wonderful and magical places in the world. Vienna, which is the country’s capital, is considered to be the most desirable and popular Christmas destination. Millions of people come here to enjoy breathtaking scenery, spend a romantic weekend with their loved ones or take advantage of the various ski slopes.

2. Berlin at Christmas is also worth your attention. The place is colorfully decorated, the streets are filled with Christmas joy and spirit, and all people are cheerful and friendly. If you happen to be in Berlin on Christmas days, do not miss the opportunity to visit one of its many markets that operate these days. They are a fabulous sight indeed.

3. Oh, Paris! That is love in its purest form. The most romantic, exciting, fabulous, wonderful city ever! Thousands of lights, flaky snow and tasty food make this city a perfect destination for the holiday. Although it is traditionally considered to be a great place for people in love, families with children will not get bored here for Christmas Disneyland is something every child should see at least once in their lifetime!

4. Every year at Christmas ceremonious London turns into a real Wonderland with a lot of colorful Christmas markets, bright lights and decorations, and festivities, which create a very special atmosphere. The place has terrific restaurants, taverns and public ice rinks, which means, no one is getting bored here!

5. Scandinavia is perhaps the best place to celebrate Christmas for those who know what true winter is like! Legendary Swedish Lapland is the place where Christmas exists in its unchanged form. It can offer its visitors a unique and unforgettable Christmas experience. The settings are truly stunning: pristine untouched snow, hundreds of reindeers, beautiful and clever huskies and, of course, Santa himself will give your kids something to remember the whole year round!

6. If you are looking for some spiritual Christmas experience you’ll find no better place to spend the holiday than Krakow. This city in Poland celebrates Christmas as a community event. People attend services at churches, visit Christmas markets, and watch Christmas pageant ‘Nativity Play’ and other festivities. The place is filled with the true spirit of Christmas.

7. Christmas Prague in the Czech Republic is also worth a visit. Prague at Christmas is a very special place. People here know how to celebrate. There are usually dozens of markets, stalls, concert stages and a huge beautifully decorated tree in the center of the city.

8. Have you ever thought about celebrating Christmas in Australia? T-shirts and flip-flops are not what we first think of when planning our Christmas tour. But it is exactly what makes Christmas and New Year in Australia so unusual. Australia’s colorful midnight fireworks are a dazzling sight. Hundreds of pubs, discotheques, restaurants and party halls are usually crowded at this time of the year. It is more typical for Australians to celebrate New Year, but Christmas is also a much-loved holiday there.

9. Christmas in Italy, is magical. Italians are great holiday-lovers; they arrange numerous Christmas markets and concerts, build Santa’s castles with clowns, elves and wizards to entertain kids. Among the many must-see Christmas attractions in Italy, Nativity of the Lake display is number one.

10. The last on our list but the first in our hearts is New York at Christmas. It is the quintessence of everything that makes the holiday so very special. You’ll find there everything you’ve ever known or heard about Christmas. New York is all about impressive celebrations, citywide festivities and that very unique Christmas atmosphere attached to such a huge megapolis that cannot be found anywhere else. You can visit Rockefeller Center to see the magnificent Christmas tree and snap a few photos there or do some window-shopping in Manhattan. You can always rely on New York to keep you busy and entertained at Christmas!

Wherever you go, make sure you take your camera with you for there is definitely going to be something worth photographing. Stay safe! And Merry Christmas to you all!



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