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Top Four Perfect and Low-Budget Snowboarding Destinations in the U.S.

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If you are one of those, for whom snowboarding means more than just a couple of hours on the hill and a chance to get together with friends to discuss the latest news, but rather the most exciting and breathtaking sport that has long become a part of your life, you will find this article especially interesting and useful. For today, we are going to talk about the best places to live and spend vacation for those who are passionate about riding hard and riding fast.

This information might not be so interesting for those people who can afford to buy a chalet in Aspen or book a trip to Park City ski resorts every now and then, but rather for those who want to explore wonderful snowboarding opportunities at a reasonable cost.

Here is the list of top four major low-budget snowboarding destinations that are perfect for living all year round considering among others such important factors as the quality of life, cost of living, commute time and of course job opportunities:

  •  Ogden, Utah. Its 83,000 inhabitants will be shocked to learn that their native town is ranked number one among the best places to live for snowboard-lovers. For many years, the place served as a major railway hub and it is just recently that this situation has started to change turning the town into a true gem for outdoor sports lovers. A pretty low cost of living and great accessibility of wonderful ski resorts have made Ogden a very appealing destination for adrenalin-hungry enthusiasts.
  • The state of Utah boasts other great snowboarding avenues, which are located in Salt Lake City just 40 miles away from Ogden. The most popular ones are Snowbird, Brighton and Solitude. The place ended the second due to a little higher cost of living and the fact that two ski resorts of Alta and Deer Valle, which are only a few miles away from Salt Lake City, are still closed for snowboarders.
  • Reno, Nevada. “The biggest little city in the world” as they like to call themselves, the place has never been a number one choice for snowboarding enthusiasts despite its good cost of living and excellent ski resorts. However, Reno is your place if you feel you have had enough stresses and pressures of busy life and seek some solitude.
  • Denver, Colorado. That is really hard to imagine any decent list of top snowboarding destinations without Colorado ski resorts on it. Vail, Beaver Creek, Snowmass and Steamboat are top-tier locations recognized and admired by those who have a soft spot in heart for extreme outdoor sports like snowboarding. The place boasts many job opportunities but the cost of living, which is notably higher than in other places, has landed Denver in the fourth position.

Hope, this information was useful for you and inspired you to visit one of the above-mentioned places. Remember one thing though: it is not important where you snowboard as long as you stay safe on the hills!




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