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Top Five Things to Consider Before Applying to Colleges Abroad

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Apart from earning a degree, students go to college having other expectations such as making new friends, expanding their horizons and acquiring unforgettable experience. Many students view studying abroad as a great way to combine learning, travelling and enjoying life into one perfect college experience.

However, not many students are actually prepared to face the difficulties that arise on the way. Here are some useful tips to consider if you have made up your mind to apply to a college abroad. Following them will help you make the whole process much less painful and costly.

Recently, the Institute of International Education has released a report, which says that over 14% of American students choose to take part in a study abroad program.

Although such programs offer great many benefits for students, studying abroad is not everybody’s fit. There are a few factors to take into consideration when deciding whether you should apply to a college in another country. One such factor is the cost of the program.

Here is what you should do to understand if a particular study abroad program is a reasonable investment:

1.Learn all about the program costs.

These costs can vary across schools and programs. Some of them are pretty much the same as what you would spend if you chose to study at home, while others can greatly exceed those. Go to your college’s study abroad office to obtain this information.
Also, check out for associated expenses such as housing, transportation, insurance and food.

2.Be aware of extra travel costs.

Going to another country, you would probably want to explore it a little at your loose hours. Some colleges are willing to cover such travel expenses, while others leave it for students to plan and pay for their trips.

3.The “lost wages” factor.

It is possible that during their time abroad a student can miss out on an opportunity to find a job, which could pay well and give them useful working experience. Do consider this fact, especially if you know for sure that you will not be able to work during your time abroad.
In order to apply for a study abroad or internship program, every student should meet the minimum program requirements, of which fees are the least trouble-causing. You will have to constantly remember about applications and scholarships, references and deadlines.

4.Submitting applications.

Most of us have at least some experience of completing applications. However, students find filling study abroad applications the most time-consuming and challenging. There are numerous cultural differences to consider in the process. Keep in mind that colleges are usually interested to welcome students who can impress them with their resume, reference letter or essay.
Consult your study abroad program adviser to see if they can give you valuable tips on your application. This can greatly increase your chances of getting into the program, especially if the competition is tough.

5.Seeking scholarships.

Study abroad scholarships usually have smaller competition compared to the U.S. college scholarships. That means your chances for getting financial aid are high. Consider applying for several study abroad scholarships.


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