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Top Five Most Amazing U.S. Schools

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Everybody is aware of just how bad the situation in the U.S. public education system is. In short American students dramatically lag behind their international peers in STEM (which is known to be extremely important for every country’s future prosperity), they fail their SAT and A.P. exams, high school dropout rates are intimidating and to top it all many American public schools are highly segregated in terms of race, income and social background of their students.

While the U.S. government is busy trying to launch still new initiatives and programs aimed to improve the situation in general, there are educators at the local level, who are creative and innovative enough to introduce their own effective strategies, which can improve students’ academic performance and provide them with more learning opportunities.

Let us now take a look at the top five U.S. public, charter and magnet schools that embody what American educational system should look like:

1. Dr. William W. Henderson Inclusion Elementary School in Boston, Massachusetts, is a small elementary school, which serves the needs of students who have different cultural, linguistic, socioeconomic and ability backgrounds. The essential part of student body is represented by children with physical, emotional or mental disabilities, who attend classes alongside their non-disabled peers. The classes are usually taught by two teachers one of whom has special-ed training; however both instructors spend the equal amount of time interacting with all students.

2. Irvington High School – Fremont, California, is perhaps the most environment friendly school to be found in the U.S. The school has Solar panel to collect energy to operate the school website and every classroom is equipped with motion-sensing lights. But the uniqueness of the school cannot be solely attributed to this. Thus, all 9-graders are expected to participate in the so-called Change Project, which requires them working in groups of four students to realize some project aimed to save the environment and benefit the community.

3. The Odyssey School in Denver, Colorado, is a charter school offering its students a truly unique learning environment that does not require classrooms and gyms. Most lessons take place out of school premises. Students learn sciences observing the nature and walking in the woods, they study history by taking field trips to reservations, thus mixing content learning with a bit of adventure.

4. Brooklyn Generation – Brooklyn, New York, a public high school, which is a pilot project for the Generation Schools Network, whose main objective is to reform ailing urban schools. The academic year at Brooklyn Generation lasts 200 days which adds 10% more instruction time to the curriculum. The classes have limited number of students, which allows teachers to provide more individual instruction. Two times a year students have a month-long break from studies, which they use to attend career orientation seminars held by prospective employers.

5. MAST Academy in Miami, Florida is a magnet school, which is mainly focused on teaching maritime studies to its students. MAST stands for Maritime and Science Technology and indeed it offers every hands-on environmental experience possible. Apart from the subjects to be found on the traditional high school curriculum, there are a number of disciplines that make the school unique. They include Environmental Science, Solar Energy, Marine Related Industries, Water Safety and Swimming. There is no need to mention that students wear bathing suits as their school uniform most of the time!



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