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Top Eight Most Annoying Things That People Can Do On Facebook

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Facebook is great. It can do so many things like help you get in touch with an old school friend or find a way to connect to your teenage son or daughter or meet someone special or even get a job. That is why everybody loves it. However, there are also things we wholeheartedly hate about it.

If you are one of those people who use Facebook each time they get access to their computer or iPhone, the things listed below might sound familiar. You might have even done something like this on your own.

So, here are top eight most annoying things that people can do on Facebook:

Gush about your feelings for your partner in every status update.

It’s cool to be happily in love. It is even nice to share it with your closest friends from time to time. But turning it into a habit can make your friends roll their eyes in annoyance whenever they log in. People tend to stay away from those who cannot keep their feelings to themselves. Your happiness can make someone feel jealous or miserable and miserable people sometimes turn into killjoys. You don’t want that to happen to your friends, do you?

Whine about your ex in every Facebook status update.

Honestly, that makes you look pathetic. Do you want people to feel sorry for you? If not, stop doing that now! Telling the whole online community how bad, unfaithful, stupid your ex-partner is looks extremely immature and gives your ex another reason to be glad they got away.

Beg for sympathy in your status updates.

For God’s sake! Have some dignity! He or she dumped you, so what? Bad things happen to good people. That’s how life works. Get over it. Move on. Will it really make you feel better if 5 or 6 people from your Friend list say: “Aww, babes, sorry to hear that! Huggles!”

Be the one who encourages such behavior.

You know what they say about learning to swim? That works here as well. Realize that such people are only seeking for attention and do not really need any help. Don’t feed that! If you keep ignoring it, they’ll stop doing it.

Fill in all sorts of questionnaires.

That’s a bad thing to do. They will ask you questions about your friends so that they can spam their walls later. No one appreciates that. In fact, everyone hates it. It takes time to remove that stuff from your wall and people can get really annoyed by the process. You’ve got something to say? Send a personal message!

Add people you barely know or haven’t seen in ages.

For one thing, it probably won’t go further than exchanging a few how-are-you-doing kind of messages. Then your relationship with this person will die out and you’ll feel uncomfortable removing him or her from your Friends list. Secondly, this person might not be interested in renewing your friendship and will simply ignore you. That hurts.

Join/like thousands of groups/pages every day.

Newsfeed ends up totally clogged and people get lost when they try to read it. They want to learn about things that really matter and you make it difficult. Pretend you had to pay $5 for each group you join. That will help!

Invite friends to play Farmville or Poker with you.

Most people who have their Facebook accounts understand exactly why they want to use this social networking site. And that is not for playing games. Your inviting them to do that, will not change it. But it can irritate them very quickly.

Facebook is fun. But it can also be a very powerful educational and career tool. Don’t waste it. Built your network carefully and one day you it will pay off in spades!



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