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Top 6 Most Intimidating Ice Hockey Players of Today’s Sport

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Hockey is a rather tough and trying sport. It takes one a great deal of endurance, physical and mental strength as well as such multi-faceted skills as speediness skating, stick-handling, blocking and passing. Since hockey is an intensive team game players are required to possess strong collaboration skills.

NHL, which stands for the National Hockey League, is a non-profit association that manages a professional ice hockey league including 30 member clubs, most of which are based in the U.S. and the rest is located in Canada. NHL can boast a great number of players whose names are usually associated with a truly rugged game.

Today we’ll talk about the top 6 toughest ice hockey players who are feared by their opponents and admired by millions of fans worldwide. All of them move too fast and score too high. They are fearless and fierce and none is concerned about crossing the line or breaking the rules to win.

• The first on our list is George Parros, the Florida Panthers right wing player, who also happens to be one of the most famous NHL bullies. Whenever things get a little feisty and testy on the ice Parros is always there to sort it out.

• Our second choice is “Big” John Scott, who is currently playing for the Buffalo Sabres. This is one of the most intimidating heavyweights in the NHL. The man is a rather short-tempered enforcer who definitely does not like to beat about the bush for too long. Whenever there is a misunderstanding on the ice, he is always the first to drop the mitts.

Matt Cooke is our third most feared hockey player. An aggressive left winger, he is also a talented sportsman who won the Stanley Cup playing for the Pittsburgh Penguins. Matt Cooke is believed to have ended a promising career of the Boston Bruins player Marc Savard.

Milan Lucic is both fists and talent. He can score high and get really physical when it’s getting chippy. That makes the Boston Bruins left winger one of the most intimidating figures on the NHL ice.

Chris Neil, the Ottawa Senators’ main enforcer, is what they call a “hard hitter”. He plays the role of a bodyguard for his teammates, and do believe me, he knows how to make his opponents regret their playing dirty.

• Meeting Niklas Kronwall face-to-face on the ice is rarely a good sign for his opponents. This ice hockey defenseman, who is currently signed with the Detroit Red Wings of the National Hockey League, is known for his devastating hits, which could end up in the retirement for many worthy players.

These are only a few tough guys to be mentioned today. If you know some other ice hockey goons who deserve to be on this list, you are welcome to comment!


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