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Top 10 Part-Time College Jobs That Will Look Good On Your Resume

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Having a part time job while in college is good for your pocket as well as for your personal and professional development. However, not many students understand just how great an asset this job might be for their resume. Strangely or not, prospect employers seek to hire applicants who, apart from brilliant academic achievements, can boast an extensive working experience of some kind.

Your best option is to try to find a job related to your professional field. That will not only give you steady cash flow but will also help develop skills, contacts and hands-on experience that will come in use in your career. If you cannot find such a job, remember that any job is better than nothing.

Here is the list of top ten part-time jobs that will look good on any resume:

1.On-campus IT support.

If you are a tech major or have a knack for computers, you’ll find no better place to work than your college’s computer center. Many universities these days offer round-the-clock tech support to their students and teachers. Apart from a highly flexible job schedule and hands-on experience, this position will give you an opportunity to meet new people.

2.Waiter/waitress or bartender.

Waiting tables and bartending is a good source of income, which can also give students the flexibility of combining work and study. The good news is that it is not difficult to land such a job even if you do not have extensive experience in this field. All you need is enthusiasm and sociability.

3.On-campus tutor.

What can be a better place to look for a tutoring position than college settings? If you are strong in a subject and have qualities essential for a tutor such as patience and persistence, good communication skills and the ability to get along with different people, consider applying to your college’s educational resource center or faculty office to learn more about what is available.

4.Freelance writer.

For those who prefer to work from the comforts of their home, freelancing jobs are the best option. Being a freelance writer requires one to possess a number of skills such as creativity, the ability to write well, extensive reading experience etc. Translating, proofreading, survey completion are only a few ways for students to make some extra money online.

5.Social media consultant.

Since social media is the in-thing of these days, it is not a surprise that the field boasts many part-time employment opportunities for students. To apply for the job one has to be knowledgeable in communications, have in-depth understanding of how different services and online media tools work.

6.Brand representative.

This is a perfect part-time job for those who enjoy meeting new people, cannot miss a single on-campus event, and are outgoing and enthusiastic. The main idea of the job is to represent a particular company or brand, so obviously a person should be a fast learner and a good communicator.

7.On-campus tour guide.

This job will be much more suitable for a senior student, who knows the campus well enough to give tours to potential students. This job is just what you need if you are sociable and friendly, patient with others and approachable.

8.Teaching assistant.

The job provides wonderful opportunities for personal and professional development. Freshmen or sophomore students are very unlikely to be considered for the position of a teaching assistant. Normally, these are senior students who assist professors in their freshman classes, handing out or collecting papers, watching over students during tests etc.

9.On-Campus administration.

Since there are so many services on campus that aim to help students with whatever learning, health, housing, working and other issues they might have, one can logically assume these offices need workers. Usually schools choose their own students to fill in the positions available.

10.Study participants.

Let them run tests on you. Sociology, psychology, behavioral biology are the most popular fields that constantly seek study participants. The more, the better. It is a quick, safe and, at times, entertaining way to make some extra cash.

We hope this information was of help to you. Let us know what you think about working in college. Share your experience with us and tell which part-time job you think is the best.



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