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Top 10 Christmas Movies To Watch This Year

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The most wonderful time of the year is approaching quickly and soon there will be family gatherings, fancy parties and happy people everywhere. There are a lot of things associated with Christmas: presents, tasty food and decorated trees. But what holiday would it really be without Christmas movies that everybody loves and knows and waits to watch? These movies have become an essential part of our holiday spirit.

Even the most celebrated film critic might find himself at a loss as to what Christmas movies deserve to be on the top ten list. They are so many and so different. They make us laugh and cry, believe in miracles and appreciate our life even more. We’ve asked our readers to help us select the top ten favorite movies to watch on Christmas days. Some of them are seasoned and others are still new to our audience but all of them create that remarkable emotional atmosphere that makes us feel happier.

Die Hard. I bet you did not expect anything else but this one. Produced about a quarter of a century ago, it is still considered to be the number one Christmas film of all times. Every year millions of people around the world put on their TV to once again watch the brave police officer John McClane teaching a bunch of baddies a lesson of why crushing on a Christmas party and taking hostages is bad.

Home Alone. Undeniably one of the most awaited family Christmas movie there is. Although most of us have seen it for, well, a million times, we are still excited to watch Kevin fight the bad guys and save the Christmas for his neighborhood.

Love Actually is the film that makes us believe everything is going to be fine. Because it is Christmas and it is now when the most amazing and unexpected things happen. Eight different couples have their problems, worries and hopes. Some of them are confused and frightened, others are excited and hopeful but Christmas will get everything straightened out.

While you were sleeping is another romantic Christmas comedy starring Sandra Bullock and Bill Pullman. The young lonely girl pretends to be a fiancée of a good-looking and slightly comatose man named Peter. His whole family is excited to meet Lucy, but she cannot fool Peter’s elder brother.

Miracle On 34th Street this one is a black-and-white oldie. The film tells about a very nice old man who claims he is the real Santa and desperately wants children to believe in miracles. Adults are concerned and have him institutionalized as insane. But there are still those who believe and help him.

Gremlins is a wonderful family movie telling us about funny little creatures who bring chaos to people’s life. Gremlins are mischievous and trouble-making but you will definitely love them!

A Christmas Story is something you do not want to miss! Ralph “Ralphie” Parker, a 9-year old boy, wants nothing more for Christmas but a Red Ryder BB Gun. He is obsessed with this idea and tries to convince his parents to buy him one.

Bad Santa. Instead of a funny fat man who loves to give presents and make children happy, we see a swearing, self-despising ex-con who uses Santa disguise to rob stores on Christmas Eve. But deep inside Billy Bob Thornton’s character is a lonely and warm person who can change for better with the help of a troubled and weird kid.

It’s A Wonderful Life. It is a Christmas drama film that tells us about a man who devotes his whole life to helping other people but by an unlucky train of events ends up on the verge of suicide. An angel helps him realize how important his life is by showing what it would have been like if he were not there.

The Nightmare Before Christmas is a musical fantasy horror film that shows us what would happen if Christmas and Halloween were combined. Jack Skellington, the Halloweentown king, discovers the magic of Christmas and decides to bring it to his home town. But since he doesn’t get the concept right, things are going to be really messy!

Whichever film you choose to watch, we hope it’ll give you some unforgettable moments and bring warmth and happiness to your home!



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