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Tips to Help You Write a 10-Page Term Paper Overnight

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Even the best of us cannot sometimes avoid procrastination: whether it is a weekly marketing report due within a few days or a book review to be written by tomorrow. However, things get much more complicated when it comes to writing a long term paper in a very short time.

Having to write a long term paper overnight is probably the worst and least effective learning scenario there is, but you can still try to make the most of this situation if you stop wasting time and take it seriously.

The key to writing a successful college term paper in a short time is to break down the whole paper into separate sections. In this way, you will write a few short papers, instead of a big one. Here are the main 6 steps you can follow that will help you write a great paper in one evening:

1. Decide on the topic

The topic of your 10-page long term paper is to be chosen very carefully: it has to be broad enough to last ten pages and at the same time detailed enough to be divided into several further sections.

2. Divide the topic into sections

Depending on the number of sections your paper has, you will have to write from 3 to five separate and comprehensive essays. This is definitely easier than writing a 10-page long essay but be careful to keep every point of every section consistent with the main idea.

3. Write a long and detailed introduction

There is one sure way to make your paper rock and it is to start with a killer introduction. Make sure your introduction is captivating and gives one a good understanding of what you are going to dwell on in the following parts of your paper. This is your chance to kill as much term paper space at one go as you can: if you are lucky enough, it can even be 1-page long!

4. Develop a great thesis statement

Thesis statement is undoubtedly the most important part of any term paper and the core of your term paper introduction section. This is not the place to beat the air. Thesis is designed to introduce the subject of your paper. It doesn’t have to be long: one or two interesting and informative paragraphs should be enough.

5. Write each section of the paper

You’ve deliberately chosen to break down your term paper into smaller parts so now you have to face the consequences: you are to write an introduction, a body and conclusions for each term paper section you have! Things like separate headings for separate sections are a great way to kill some space!

6. Draw comprehensive conclusions

When are done with your paper, wrap it up a little by restating and supporting your thesis. Your aim is to make sure your professor will have something to think about at the end.

Some more tips & tricks:

• If you lack fresh ideas, consider using block quotes to fill in the term paper space.

• Use footnotes. This will help you introduce some additional comments you might have or cite any source you are referring to in your work. Besides, it is a great way to use up a good deal of your term paper space. Just remember the footnote section should not be longer than the rest of the sections in your work!

• Using a larger font size or margin size is no longer an option for making your college term paper look big enough. Most professors will easily detect the ploy and turn down the paper. Instead, you can try to use the “character spacing” tool on your word processor.



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