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Tips to Help Overcome Writer’s Block

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There can be times when you sit staring blankly at the empty paper or screen, not knowing where to start or what to write. What is that? Is it a lack of inspiration or genius? Researchers say, it is just a mental block that can be easily removed.

Writer’s block is a temporary inability to produce or carry on writings of different kinds. An important thing to remember is that such things happen even with the most talented and gifted ones. So if you suddenly find yourself stuck, with not a single spark of creativity crossing your mind, do not get desperate but follow these simple tips to recover your inspiration:

1.Get off the track.

Change the topic of your writing. Write about anything you like or feel inspired by. Do not stick to a particular topic, idea or expectations. Be creative and write anything that is important to you at the moment. Be it a love letter, poem, shopping list or message to a friend, the most important thing is to make these few words shine and sparkle.

2.Make a schedule.

Although many people think writing is nothing like day-to-day work, the truth is, it is work. Hard work that requires one to invest a lot of dedication and commitment. It is a good idea to schedule time for work and commit to it.

3.Read constantly.

If you are in need of inspiration and motivation, nothing can be more helpful than reading. Ideas will keep on slipping into your mind and different characters will appear in your head as you read.

4.Seek new inspiration sources.

Apart from books, there are other things that can help you overcome your writer’s block such as photos, music, films etc. Do not underestimate their importance. Go to see a play or attend a concert once in a while. You’ll see just how easy and enjoyable it can be.

5.Change the direction.

It doesn’t mean you have to re-write the whole story but simply try to temporarily skip the part you are stuck with. Move on to another storyline, introduce new characters and new ideas. If you are having difficulties to write the beginning, consider writing its end. In this way, you will see both the start of your story and its end point. It will help you focus on the details.

6.Take a break.

Do not be too hard on yourself if you cannot write something that suits you perfectly. Take a break for a day or two and do something else. Change of perspective can motivate and cheer you up!

7.Talk with your friends.

Try to discuss with your friends some scenes of your story that make you frustrated. If you lack new ideas and fresh perspectives, friends’ advice might be just what you need. When you are stuck with a dialogue and feel it doesn’t sound natural in your writing, try to recreate a similar dialogue with your friends and see how it goes.


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