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Tips to Help Anyone Sail through SAT Tests Easily

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Before high-school students take off on their college journey, there is plenty of work to be done such as writing essays, visiting campus and, of course, taking the SAT exams, which are highly important and widely used college entrance exams. The SAT tests might be the most nerve-wracking part of any college application process but experts say, it can be quite manageable provided you are prepared to invest enough time, energy, hard work and dedication.

There are numerous test prep materials and resources available to those, who choose to take the test, that depend on how much help they require with the SAT test preparation. However, the only thing that really matters is how much profit you can make out of these resources and how effectively you use the time available. Here are some useful tips to help you crack the SAT with a high score.

1.Create your own study schedule.

Since the SAT is a factor that can mean the difference between just a student who has all the necessary reference letters and good high school transcripts and a student who is perfect for a particular college and meets all the requirements, it is paramount that you take your preparation seriously. Start with creating your own study schedule. Without it, you are likely to waste most of your time if you do not abide by a fixed study plan.

2.Learn all about the test format.

Apart from extensive revision of the test material, any preparation requires practicing. Make sure the SAT test format will not be a surprise on the day of the test. Take a few mock exams during your preparation period. It is advisable to take at least 3 mock tests. Take the first one at the very beginning to see what your weaknesses and strengths are and familiarize yourself with the type of questions you are likely to get. Another one should be taken sometime in the middle to see how preparation is going and what is left uncovered and the last mock test will be the one you take right before the real exam, so that you polish your knowledge and give the finish touch to your preparation.

3.Develop useful anxiety management skills.

Do not solely focus on your knowledge but also try to develop such skills as anti-test anxiety measures, time management, organization etc. these will come in useful when the day of the test comes. Recreational activities will help you keep a healthy balance between your study and other no less important commitments.
As for the day of the test itself, there are also things to remember:

1.Do not stay up late and prepare for the test well in advance.

You can easily bring all your efforts to naught if your test taking anxiety comes your way on the big day. Avoid staying up late the night before, try to relax instead and think if you have everything, you need for the test. Stuff like calculator, admissions ticket and pencils that are missing during the test can give you a great deal of headache and chills.

2.Have a good and healthy breakfast.

Don’t forget to take some snacks with you. A chocolate bar, bananas, mineral water or juice will do.

3.Don’t discuss the test answers with others.

If you happen to have breaks during the test, do not rush to discuss it with other students.

If you are well prepared and focused, the odds are high you will sail through. If your results are not what you expected them to be, you can request a report to see what your weaknesses are. This will help you prepare better next time. Be in a positive frame of mind and stay confident! Good luck on your SAT!


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