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Tips For Writing Good Discussion Posts

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Discussion forum equals to the face-to-face discussion format in the traditional classroom. It is a wonderful online tool that helps people connect to each other socially. It is the place where users can express what they know and why as well as why they wish they knew it.

Being able to write a good discussion post is a skill that seems to be in high demand these days.  Online discussions are one of the most popular online learning activities. However, not many students can say they really possess good discussion post writing skills. Students mostly view such tasks as a chance to chat with their classmates.

Here are a few tips on how to write good discussion posts that inspire and support sustained conversation and more creative thinking.


  • Three Major Parts of a Good Discussion Post

Any open-ended question usually requires students to share their ideas about a particular problem or issue. It is designed to encourage them to create post based on the following three parts:

I.            The first thing a student should do is to answer the question directly suggesting their recommendations and thoughts on the issue.

II.            The next step would be to justify your opinion and state why you think that your information is relevant. This is where students are required to lean on their experience and knowledge. Here learners can provide references and links to experts whose ideas support their thinking.

III.             It is important that a good discussion post includes a sort of a challenge for its readers that stems from the original question.

  • What Qualifies A Good Discussion Post?

Online discussion posts reflect our knowledge and ideas on a particular problem. Discussion posts are an important tool that a teacher can use to see how well students understand and the key concepts.

Here is a set of recommended characteristics that a good discussion post has:

-          Any discussion post should be substantial and consistent: the information it contains should be relevant to the subject matter.

-          The post should be both succinct and informative to excite the reader’s attention and encourage them to reply back. It is important that the point of your message is clear to anyone.

-          The message of your post should contain provocative and challenging element to inspire readers’ curiosity and prompt them to either agree or object to the author.

-          Any question brought up in the discussion post should be logically answered and contain clear and precise conclusion.

-          A good discussion post explains and expands on a concept so that its readers can easily make connection.

And finally, a worthy discussion post should be grammatically clear and concise. Well written message free of mistypes and acronyms makes it much easier for a reader to get the main idea.


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