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Things To Avoid Saying At Work

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Your getting or not getting the promotion you’ve been dreaming of, depends not only on how efficient you are at what you do, but also on how verbally adept you can be.

Even if meant well, some words can destroy everything you have been working for so hard. If you want to be viewed as a leader in your office, make sure you choose to say the words that are of empowering nature and be careful to avoid using the following phrases that are potentially destructive for your career:
“That is totally unfair.”
Some people get raises and promotions, others do not. Some manage to do half of what they are expected to do and get away with it, while others work their head off and still feel unappreciated. To rephrase the popular saying “Life is unfair and your boss is a part of life.” Complaining or whining about it will not do you good. If you feel your achievements have been overlooked, present the evidence of it to your boss or supervisor in a respectful and argumentative manner.
“I don’t have to do that.” “That is not my job.”
Even if you cannot help a person asking you for help with actions, you can still be supportive with your words. Showing your willingness to help, can open up new horizons for your career advancement. If the request is inappropriate and came at the wrong time, be realistic about your workload and other people’s expectations. Think about whether or not you will be able to cope with everything. Don’t be lazy to help your team, that is an investment that will pay off some day.
“This place is a dump.” “They are so stupid.” “I hate that guy.”
Avoid saying something like this, if you don’t want people around to perceive you as immature and unprofessional. Being judgmental or biased in the office settings can reflect poorly on your career. If you hold it against somebody for a good reason, try to discuss the problem with all the tact and consideration you are capable of.
“I am not sure.” “I need to ask somebody.” “I think…”
Saying these will make you sound like a person who is not in the position to make any important decisions, or worse, someone who lacks skills and experience to carry out their duties. You cannot expect a person to take you seriously if you don’t sound authoritative. The message you are sending to your clients or colleagues should be clear and assertive.
“Unfortunately, it’s impossible.” “There is nothing I can do to help you.”
There is always a solution to the problem. If you don’t see that at the moment, maybe you should take some more time to think about it. Negative phrases that contain words like nothing, impossible or no way make you sound pessimistic and disinterested. Bosses want to see a go-getting person who is willing to address any challenge. Instead of immediately turning down a person who asked you for help or a favor, think about how you can contribute to the situation or try to give some valuable advice.
“Sorry, I can’t do it right now.” “I am loaded.”
Hearing something like that will make your opponent feel unimportant if compared with your other commitments. That is not how you should foster positive relations with people around. Try to offer alternatives that would be suitable for a person. Thus, for example, instead of saying “I am too busy to do it right now” say “I will definitely try to help.
Let’s discuss it after my morning conference.”
“I know it is a silly idea, but…” “That might sound crazy, but…”
If you know it is a silly idea, why would you want your boss to waste time listening to it? Of course, when saying something like that most of us are just being humble. Psychologists say such phrases can greatly reduce your credibility and lower people’s interest in what you have to say.

You might find it difficult to spot and eliminate these phrases from your day-to-day conversations, but doing so means removing many career limitations that are holding you back.


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