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Ten Things That Will Get You Fired

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There are many things we think about when we start a new job: how to prove your value to your new boss, how to hit it off with your new colleagues, how to cope with your new duties. However, the possibility of getting fired rarely crosses our minds. We sincerely believe that is what incompetents and lazybones should be worried about, right? Wrong. You might not realize just how wrong you are about it, until it is too late.

Here are 10 things anyone can do or say that will get them unemployed even before they cash their first paycheck. Do avoid them if you want to stay immune to being sacked!

1. Lying on your Job Application or Resume

You had better tell the whole truth on your resume for your employer is likely to check the information you provide. The verification of the candidate’s educational background can take up to one month and then, if it turns out you lied to your employer, you might face disastrous consequences.

2. Complaining about your Job on Social Networks

Don’t you make the mistake of believing that your boss will not bother to check your Facebook account and come across your hateful or mocking comment about your job. Even if your boss is too busy to do that himself, one of your colleagues who are out to get you will gladly assist them!

3. Gossiping

You never know who is listening to your conversations. Those office walls do have ears. Try to avoid repeating any gossip for it can not only cost you somebody’s trust and respect but also it can mean your job.

4. Taking too many Personal Calls

Your boss is a smart person; otherwise, he would not have achieved this much! Do not think he will not notice your making too many phone calls on personal business. It is better to avoid calling anybody who is not a business contact until it is lunchtime.

5. Showing Up Late

Unlike school, no one will tolerate your being tardy at work. If you are late for work, even once, your boss can fire you on spot, especially if you are new and have not proven your worth yet.

6. Getting Romantically Involved with a Coworker or your Boss

Although at first it might seem like a great idea, the truth is – it is a big no-no. In fact, many companies strongly disapprove of any romantic relationships between colleagues and especially with the boss for it opens them to lawsuits. Note that bosses rarely get fired in situations like this.

7. Giving Freebies to Your Friends

Your friends might try to benefit from your newly found employment by asking for free food or goods, employees’ discounts etc. But remember, if they get caught, you are the one who has the most to lose.

8. Not Communicating Properly with Your Coworkers

In order to be effective at your job, you have to cooperate with your colleagues. That is what your boss expects you to do. Alienating those you work with might get you replaced with someone who works well with others.

9. Surfing the Web instead of Working

Spending too much of your work time navigating the cyberspace can put you just one click away from getting fired. Any self-respecting boss does monitoring check-ups of their employees’ computer activity from time to time.

10. Skipping Work

Everyone might need to take a day off from work sometimes. If you do not have a plausible excuse for doing that, try to stay away from your place of work and avoid seeing any of your coworkers (even those who you usually trust). Don’t be like the guy who posted new photos and Facebook status updates on his sick days proving he wasn’t sick at all.

When it comes to your career, you should be in the driving seat! Make sure you avoid the above-mentioned pitfalls and not only will you keep your job but also thrive personally and professionally!



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