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Teaching Tips from the Most Effective Online Instructors

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A good teacher is good no matter what settings he has to work in, whether it is face-to-face instruction delivered in a traditional classroom or a virtual session with a tutor who might be thousands of miles away, an effective teacher will be able to help students to develop knowledge and skills in a particular subject and overcome any academic struggles a student might have.

However, the setting does have to be considered for there are a number of certain techniques and tools that can facilitate the online learning process and make teacher’s instructions even more effective. Using these techniques a teacher can help a student to achieve their full academic potential and make most use of the numerous benefits that such form of learning environment has.

We asked a few most successful and accomplished online tutors to shed light on what, in their opinion, a good teacher must do to adapt his skills and abilities to the unique demands that online learning medium presents.

1. The one illusion about online learning, that has to be dispelled, is that it is easier than learning in the traditional classroom and that the curriculum is less challenging. A teacher who is determined to help his students to succeed academically cannot make allowances for classes being delivered virtually. In fact, many teachers say, online format of studies requires a person to pay more attention than in the traditional classroom and stay focused all the time. It takes a great deal of commitment from both teachers and their students.

2. Getting timely and regular feedbacks can help a student to develop and retain the right motivation for learning. Since online classes require a student to show much more determination and self-control than traditional in-class instructions, it is especially important for a teacher to give their student the encouragement he needs to feel successful in the online environment.

3. It is equally important for an online instructor to make sure that their students can easily follow their progress online. This will help them to stay on track of the program and avoid feeling lost.

4. Being ready to help a student anytime they need help or academic advice is what makes a really good teacher. Many tutors say that online learning is not what people call a job but rather a style of life that requires them to be flexible and ready to adapt to their students’ needs.

5. Online form of instruction gives teachers a chance to help their students develop unique skills and abilities that the traditional classroom cannot provide such as active real time online interaction with classmates from different parts of the country or even world, exchange of background academic and personal information etc. Teacher’s role is often limited to inspiring and directing such interaction and helping students develop further understanding of the material through discussions rather than playing the key role in it. A good teacher is not afraid to let students take the leading position in class.

6. Feedback is as important for learners as it is for their teachers. Here we are talking about the kind of feedback you get while the course is going on. An excellent teacher does not wait until it is too late to change anything but can openly discuss and adapt the course program in the way that will be much more beneficial to a student.



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