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Steve Jobs Would Definetely Love It

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In the world where the educational system has become unified, online learning provides us with a breath of fresh air introducing the possibility to attend to personal needs of each student while keeping them involved and interested. It is obvious that the existing system lacks incentive. It is aimed primarily to give a typical student a certain amount of information at a given time irrespective of his needs or abilities. At school students have to do what is sometimes inappropriate for them. But should we blame teachers who cannot keep a person’s interest vibrant for this? That is a pretty reasonable conclusion which however doesn’t give us the low-down on the problem.

To make this statement justified let’s take a look at Steve Jobs. Taught by his mother at home the boy started school having a significant groundwork which made the whole process of learning seem uninteresting. He wasn’t thrilled by what was being taught at school and most of the time he just idled away. Could this situation have been changed? Naturally, and one of his teachers found her way with the boy by giving him the motivation he needed. To be fair it is important to say that this motivation was bribe-based at first, still it proved to be very effective. In a few months time the boy was once again full of zeal for studying.

Later on Jobs was allowed to skip one grade at school and joined a more advanced group. This however had its’ expected downsides since the boy found himself rather isolated. Among the students of older age he turned out to be a loner.

And this brings us to a real question at hand. Many parents today face a major dilemma: they can choose to keep children within their safe and comfortable environment sacrificing their academic needs or they can put them in a social position where a child will probably feel detached but have more challenges in learning.

Here we come to what seems to be a quiet reasonable if not the only possible alternative – online education. It is principally effective due to its’ student-oriented nature. A child can remain within his comfort zone socializing with his peers and friends while having his individual educational needs taken care of.  A student passes on to the next subject when he has mastered the previous one regardless of what the calendar says. A tutor is always there to help him adapt the program to his very needs starting out from his interests, individual abilities and rate of learning. In case it is appropriate a tutor can bring students together creating a competitive but still friendly environment. Having a homework hero who makes the process not only instructive but also entertaining, who cares for the needs of a student rather than the overall effectiveness index of a class, will definitely change the situation for better.

Of course Steve Jobs survived the false start of his educational process and grew up to change the world but the question is: what would it be like today if the process of interactive student-centered education had been started at that time? This we can never know for sure but one thing is clear: the process of making the educational system interactive, innovative and individualized has started.


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