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Steve Jobs’ Legacy: Things We Should Not Forget

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Steve Jobs might have been anything from a talented executive, leader, innovator and simply a great person but he was never an ordinary man. People, who had never met him personally, were still inspired by the genius of his mind.

Now that his birthday is approaching, it is time to look at some life lessons that Steve Jobs taught us. We cannot become Steve Jobs, neither, unfortunately, can we bring him back, however we surely can learn from the man’s wonderful life experience. Here is the list of some of the most important lessons Steve Jobs taught us:


1.Always try to do what you are passionate about.

This is the only way to achieve success. And that is what Steve Jobs did his whole life. We will never know what would have happened if he hadn’t cofounded Apple, Pixar etc., but one thing is clear and that is, the world would be nothing like what it is today without Steve Jobs. So, ask yourself whether you are satisfied with your job, position, social standing, people who surround you, relationships you have. If the answer is no, it is time to take actions.


2.Be a perfectionist.

Steve Jobs was a perfectionist in his work and he wanted others to be perfectionists too. He never tolerated dawdlers among his employees and that is perhaps why his companies were so well-organized and smoothly running. Do not let lazy people impede your work or suck your energy. Get rid of them now.


3.Do not try to do everything by yourself.

Learn how to delegate your work to other people. That is a sign of a good manager. Steve Jobs was a good manager. He knew how important it was to have a team of inspired and talented people around.


4.Think like your customers and potential clients think.

That was his motto and his recipe for success. Steve Jobs was the best, his products and services were the best. No matter how innovative and cutting-edge any new technology was, we still managed to feel at ease using it. Why? Because, he could understand people’s needs and respond to them. He managed to put himself in the place of each and every of his customers even though he did not know them personally.


5.Strive for the best but never be too selfish or too proud to share it with others.

Technology is only as good as the use you make of it. Steve Jobs understood this simple rule: even the most outstanding gadget will be no good if people cannot afford it.


6.Never lie on your oars.

Even if you are the best, keep on working, educating yourself. Otherwise, there will be others, inspired by you, who will want to beat you and take your place.

Steve Jobs had a wonderful and fulfilled life. He was great indeed but behind his greatness he was just a man who did the same things we do daily: got up in the morning, had breakfast with his family and went to work, which was his passion and joy. So can we. We can be successful, passionate and dedicated. We can achieve much and strive for the best. Let all those who read this article be inspired by this great man!



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