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School Is Back! Why Be Happy About It?

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School is to be back in just a few days now and it is time to set up the right motivation for the successful start of the new school year. As the summer is approaching its finale, many students are getting more and more depressed at the thought of going back to classes.

Having conducted a little research of our own, we were genuinely surprised to learn that:

- 2.4% of school-aged kids worldwide are believed to have didaskaleinophobia, which is the fear of going back to school.

- Over 35% of K-12 students in the US do not do their summer homework.

- More than 50% of students assume they might skip a few classes within the first school month.

- The majority of elementary and middle school students (about 74%) are glad to be back to school whereas only one third of high school and college students feel the same way. However, this is not true for college freshmen 85% of whom say they are thrilled and excited to travel to college for the first time.

To help you overcome the nasty back-to-school depression, we have listed down top four reasons that will tell you why you should be looking forward to returning to your classes this year.

Meet your friends after a long summer break


That is the part everybody is looking forward to. As soon as the new school year starts, you’ll be able to see all your friends and share your news about what cool places you have been to and what people you’ve met.

Finally ask the girl/guy you like on a date


You have surely missed this person. You’ve been dreaming about how you are going to approach your crush and ask him or her out. Why not do that on the first school day? If things go well, that could be a pretty good start of the year!

Try to join the basketball/cheerleading team


Have you been imagining yourself a part of the school’s cheerleading squad? Want to shoot hoops for your school’s basketball team? New school year is the perfect time to check out if there are any openings on the team this season.
Don’t forget that high school sports can help you get a scholarship in an awesome college!

Choose the electives you are interested in


Most students dread the time when they are seniors because they believe it is going to be a stressful and exhausting period with all those tests to take and college application requirements to meet. What they often forget is that high school usually comes with more free time, less homework and electives!

Electives are a great opportunity for many students to finally focus on something they are interested in, something that can help them shape their future career choice. If you are a senior, you can finally start enjoying spending your time in class!

If nothing else, the beginning of school means the opportunity to learn something new. We, at Eduboard, wish you to always stay positive and enjoy every single day of your school!



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