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Resolving Conflicts in the Classroom

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Apart from teaching itself there are many ways that teachers have to interact with their students. Sometimes they act as coaches or an arbiter, at times they have to try on a hat of a psychologist or a probation officer. With that much of pressure on their heads there is always a chance of things getting out of control in classrooms.

Today we’ll talk about some useful tips and tricks that might help an educator to resolve conflicts and diffuse a difficult situation.

- Beaten as it may sound the best thing any educator can do is to like his students as they are. Although some children are definitely more likeable than others and are easy to deal with, a good educator must be capable of finding their way with a less approachable student.

- There might be different reasons for why a student’s behavior in class is disruptive including their unmet need for attention and support. Most children get it from their parents and friend while there are those who misbehave in class in the attempt to focus everybody’s attention on them. It is teachers’ duty to recognize this behavior and perhaps give students a chance to speak out to see what’s bothering them.

- It’s essential for any teacher to master the skill of active listening. Kids who don’t feel they are heard tend to be much more trouble-making. A teacher has to show his students he understands what he is being told and respects every student’s opinion.

- Working out any problematic situation with students in advance might help to prevent it from occurring in class. It is a good way to prepare them to deal with any stressful situation.

- Creating a safe and quiet place where students can have some time alone and try to calm down helps to avoid many unnecessary conflicts. A teacher can equip this ‘quiet zone’ with stress balls, books or magazines or other materials depending on the age of the group.

- It’s important to be patient whenever you deal with conflicting kids meaning not trying to protrude your opinion but rather help a student to see the problem and find the best solution approach independently.


“Hallway conference” is a great way to tackle the problem of a classroom dispute suggested by Charles Kruger of Bethune Middle School, LA, California. The import of the method is to politely ask a student causing trouble to follow you outside and then discuss the problem with him in private. On returning to the classroom thank a student for his time and cheer him up with a smile. They say, it works soothingly on many attention-anxious students.

And finally, it is always important to recognize successful conflict outcomes and praise students on their good judgment and the ability to overcome difficulties.



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