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Following up upon our new column, which is called Careers to Watch, today we are going to create an HR specialist job profile and see why this profession ranks among the most popular ones.

Before we start let’s think about who HR specialist is and what duties he performs.

The U.S. job market is rough and choosy these days. Due to the still rather weak economy and high unemployment rates, it is becoming increasingly difficult to find a job.

Human Resource specialist’s duties include ensuring that the workplace team is properly tuned up and can effectively collaborate, performing different tasks. Their other duty is to spot and lure the best professionals in the field. Recognizing talents and making them want to be hired is what they do best. At times HR workers have to resolve conflicts between employees, make sure that everyone’s work is fairly compensated, evaluated and managed.

Some big companies tend to run HR departments where there are all kinds of HR specialists who are responsible for different aspects such as recruiting and headhunting, training, performance assessment, employee relations etc. smaller companies usually have one person perform all these tasks.

These are top five skills that an effective HR manager has to possess. Apart from having solid knowledge in the human resources field, an HR manager is required to be competent at labor legislation and wages accounting. It’s imperative that these workers possess such qualities as sociability and flexibility. Since in most cases HR manager is the main interlink between the management and the employees, communication skills are essential. It’s important that he or she demonstrates utmost professional integrity and tact.

The statistics on this profession shows there is going to be an increased demand for HR professionals within the next decade. Thus, the employment opportunities are expected to increase by 28% creating more than 61,000 new jobs.

As for the compensation issue, the earnings in this field vary in between $54,000 and $90,000 per year depending on the level of employee’s competence and their working experience. The newcomers to the profession earn about $31,000 a year.

If you are interested in becoming a human resource specialist there are a few things you should probably know.

-          Recruiting is the field where experience means everything. The more you have, the better-paid and desirable you are. Networking can help you to get hired. Seek to extend your professional associations.

-           HR managers can be expected to have an open-door policy so that everyone can come to them to discuss their concerns.

-          The experience of dealing with people who might be angry, annoyed or dissatisfied is not always pleasant. The HR manager’s priorities shift easily following the management’s change of heart and in spite of his personal likings.

Now, that the recession is slowly fading away and more and more companies are getting back on their feet, the need for more HR specialists is expected to soar.


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