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Promoting Your Career: Psychology Tricks That Will Help You Make It!

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It is no secret that people tend to spend much of their life at work. Typically, a person who works 40 hours per week spends approximately 2080 hours a year at his workplace. We spend most of our waking time being separated from our spouses, children, parents and friends. Thus, it comes as no surprise that we expect to be rewarded for our sacrifice.

If you feel you have invested too much in your career but it is not paying off as expected, think back: the odds are you might be making some of the typical psychology mistakes that can ruin your career and cost you an opportunity to get promoted.

However, there is good news as well: these career mistakes are easily detected and rectified. Keep on reading to find out which ones you have fallen prey to and how you can rehabilitate yourself.

Not Taking the Lead of Your Career. Being a good and diligent worker is not enough anymore. People who get promotions in the 21st century are usually those who are able to control their career, steering it in the right direction. They do not wait for the opportunities to come, but create these opportunities. They are ambitious and go-getting, always in search of better opportunities to self-educate, extend their professional network.

Failing To Develop Your Professional and Personal Skills. Many people mistakenly believe that education ends when they find a good job. That is officially a wrong way to go. In fact, people who aim high usually understand that their real education starts right after graduation. The whole point of going to college is to develop skills and equip yourself with tools needed to continue learning on your own. The opportunities to self-educate are numerous and limitless. Failing to recognize and take advantage of it is what can give your career a serious blow.

Inability to Delegate and Work in the Team. The nature of our today’s work is team-centered. That is why it is essential to be able to successfully work with others and keep your communication lines open. The most common mistake that many managers make is the attempt to do all the work on their own. Inability to delegate and trust your team to manage their work can easily bring you down as a leader.

Inability to Adapt. Our constantly changing world requires us to be highly adaptable and flexible. Inability to recognize and adopt the changes can mean professional and personal failure for any worker. Although it might be difficult to quickly readjust yourself to new conditions, that is what your boss will expect you to do. Find people who can assist you in navigating through this, sign up for an online course that will help you stay current. Be proactive and decisive.

Not Having Your Personal Career Plan. Being ambitious does not mean stepping on somebody’s toes or bulldozing your way to the top. It just means you know what you want and have clear career goals. In other words, it means you have a career plan. Figure out what your short- and long-term career goals are and think about ways you can achieve those.

For those who want to go ahead in their career and think they deserve a promotion, each of these mistakes can be a fatal one and mean the difference between having a great fulfilling job and being left with a boring, uninspiring position. If you recognize yourself in any of the above-mentioned behaviors, it is time to get back on track and start edging your skills right now!



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